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    1. Kin

      So government at odds over welfare aid to fight inflation
      All that will happen is prices will go up to absorb all that financial help
      What’s needed is emergency law to criminalise price gouging
      It’s pretty simple
      The UK are now upping interest rates to curb inflation a measure that works in a normal economy but in an out of control economy it just causes misery
      In the UK in 1919 a war profiteering act was introduced making it illegal to profit from war
      It’s illegal to profit from war in the UK and Germany
      And I bet that law still is on our statute book because we were part of the UK in 1919
      Unless of course it’s been repealed
      Maybe some legal expert could look into it
      Just looked it up it was repealed 1983 but can be reinstated by the senate if needed

      1. Kin

        And here’s me an Irishman calling the place which laws are drafted a senate
        Amazing how powerless the government is when it’s profiteering from its people with massive taxes
        They cannot build homes they are shutting A&Es in Hospitals they cannot protect our people but maybe if we become all public sector workers we might get a bit of protection

  1. Tom J

    Time, flowing like a river
    Time, beckoning me
    Who knows when
    We shall meet again, if ever
    But time keeps flowing
    Like a river to the sea
    Goodbye my love
    Maybe for forever
    Goodbye my love
    The tide waits for me
    Who knows when
    We shall meet again, if ever
    But time keeps flowing
    Like a river (on and on)
    To the sea, to the sea
    ‘Til it’s gone forever
    Gone forever
    Gone forevermore
    Goodbye my friend
    (Goodbye my love)
    Maybe for forever
    Goodbye my friend
    (Who knows when
    We shall meet again)
    The stars wait for me
    Who knows where
    We shall meet again, if ever
    But time keeps flowing
    Like a river (on and on)
    To the sea, to the sea
    ‘Til it’s gone forever
    Gone forever
    Gone forever
    Gone forever now
    Forevermore, forevermore

      1. Kin

        The daily telegraph before and after make over
        It would be hard to spot the after of Boris except for the suit was a giveaway

        1. Kin

          Oh Huey Lewis minus the news
          Evidently the comment went way above your head
          An old saying
          You can put a pig in a suit but it’s still a pig

    1. Triona Ryan

      Hughie Luas I doubt any other outlet would treat you as well for that kind of behaviour as BS has done.

    1. Kin

      Well if Johnson had starmers baggage of savile he surly would loose
      Child sex abuse and necraphillia dose not sit well with the British voting public

      1. jonjoker

        Smarmtrooper is a grey man incapable of rocking the boat.
        Which is why he was offered the position.

    1. bisted

      …in his defense, I have to say that Charger has provided many belly laughs over the years…not least on this final weekend…had him in the back of my bandwagon a few times…you want to see the crew I seem to be carrying at the moment…such a bunch of po-faces…

        1. Papi

          Ah, stop, it’s just too funny at this point. And he probably doesn’t even like kittens.
          The absolute state of ya.

          1. Papi

            No matter what it says now, he got kittened on the last day. Oh, my sides. Makes up for losing broadsheet in fact.

  2. Covid19000

    Any chance of continuing the front pages and comments?

    Good luck with the future but to be honest, your front page posts are essential. Please don’t stop them or at least tell me how can I continue?

    Been here since the start and I wish you the best, but I think you’re making a mistake.

  3. Cú Chulainn

    I’ll miss this. Farewell. Take care everyone. Thanks for the politics and bantz. And Bodger and Nick, do not let the f*uckers get you down. Cú

  4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    Well a last goodbye, it’s been interesting watching people’s reactions to the end of an era, some eloquent, reflective and warm, some pointing and spitting, screeching and blaming. It’s like a messy breakup and a civilized breakup at the same time of this many headed relationship that’s so different for all of us with Broadsheet and each other.
    I feel I have learned a lot about myself over the years on here, how willing to be honest and engage, how willing to listen to other maddening points of view and be patient, how willing to throw the sly punch ( johnny I’m sorry for loosing the rag with you ).
    I have painted pictures of many of you in my head and thought that would be a great person for a pint or two.
    I’m a real sucker for staying in touch with old flames you just have to remember not to bang them after a few….
    so I’ll say until we meet again and if you see me knocking about say hi :)

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        take care Papi ( she’s here shoveling her breakfast into her piehole while shouting “come here cat” rather stridently…all is well )

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        c’est moi au bar, qui te fait un clin d’œil et flirte avec le barman en même temps, quel culot ;)

          1. Lush

            Moi aussi !
            Only last night I was jumping round the kitchen to it.

            Enorme bisous J; look after you and your little one and thanks for your summing up above, you put it perfectly.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            don’t be a stranger mademoiselle Lushie Bissssssssssse

    1. Cú Chulainn

      You’re an exceptionally lovely person Janet. And, dear me, but you can put up with a mountain of bollixology. A keeper and that’s for sure. What was that thing you were saying about ex’s. There is some rule about ex’s and strangers you meet on the metro, but I can never remember. xoxo..

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I mean does shagging a ghost even count ?
        Stay well Cu, your humor was right up my Straße , deliciously incorrigible.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe


          this place is a bit like that

          Quand il rentre le soir, trop tard
          Toujours en retard
          Le couche-tard fait des cauchemars
          Les fantômes dans le placard
          Il promet de ne plus jamais boire
          Entre cafard et café noir
          Le couche-tard
          Quand il rentre plus tôt du boulot
          Le lève tôt
          Il tire les rideaux et s’installe au chaud
          Le dîner en plateau
          Il se préoccupe de la météo
          Est-ce que demain il fera beau
          Le lève-tôt
          Couche-tard et lève-tôt
          Se rencontrent dans le premier métro
          Le métro a ceci de joli
          Qu’on y voit le jour comme en pleine nuit
          Accroché au comptoir, le couche-tard
          Toujours sur le départ
          Cherche un auditoire qu’il accapare
          Et invente des histoires
          Parfois une petite bagarre
          Parfois au désespoir
          Au galop, le lève-tôt fonce au bureau
          L’œil sur le chrono
          À l’assaut de la semaine et des matins jumeaux
          Rien, rien de nouveau
          Et pour mettre du vin dans son eau
          Il attend ses jours de repos
          Le moral à zéro
          Couche-tard et lève-tôt
          Se rencontrent dans le premier métro
          Le lève-tôt est un tocard, prétend le couche-tard
          Le couche-tard un blaireau”, assure le lève-tôt
          Le métro a ceci de joli
          Qu’on y voit le jour comme en pleine nuit

    2. Clampers Outside

      Lovely post Janet, and so spot on with the messy break-up analogy, LOL!

      Wishing you and your dearest.. and sure, your ex’s too, the very best :0)

    3. The Mad Account

      You’re a beautiful person both inside and out Janet: Bon chance and bonne continuation

    1. Ghost of Yep

      Charger gagged on the last day. You just know how much it will eat at him lol. Marvellous.

      All the best folks.

  5. Broadbag

    Farewell to one and all, but particularly to John and Nick, thanks for all the hard work, both the serious stuff and the laughs, you’ve been a daily part of many many lives and that truly means something in this messy world, the best of luck and health to you both.

    1. Triona Ryan

      Brilliant point there Broadbag about the daily presence BS has been and all the work that equates to.

      1. galaxiapolizia

        yes, a true labour of love (and devotion) by John and Nick…
        and very clearly, truly reciprocated on here…
        give them a big hug from all of us.

  6. scottser

    Well folks, it’s been a blast. Thanks again for the ride. Good luck everyone, and mind how ye go.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        you should have made the sandwiches, jaysus kittened on the last day

  7. jonjoker

    This is goodbye, but hopefully not for ever.
    C U all again in the new improved BS, whatever its name is and whatever format it appears under.

  8. mills

    To sum up the past few days. Not so much the content, but definitely the feeling. With fondness and exasperation, goodbye folks. Xx

    The Day Of Our Divorce Hearing
    by Ruth Lepton

    You treated me to lunch, a spaghetti place.
    We had never been so kind to each other.
    When you said I’m still a slob, we laughed.
    After lunch, we stood in the parking lot.
    You said, you have the last word,
    but I said, No, I’m tired of being
    the one who sums things up.
    You get the last word.
    But you couldn’t think of one.
    So off you went to our silver car,
    I to our red one.
    It’s three years later.
    And even that’s just a story now.
    Lately I don’t feel as if I lived with you.
    But I remember our kindness that day,
    when it no longer mattered.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Jesus Milly, The piercing pain through your heart that you can’t bear to stop because then it will be over.. that I know, and hard as that is, the passing indifference of a lover and partner, that’s actually heartbreaking… https://youtu.be/6KLHhR4Ko0c
      Part 2 of the Janet link earlier..

      1. mills

        The poem just kind of resonated with me, felt a little like how it’s been here over the past few days. I hadn’t been reading so much. The atmosphere in the comments had been unfortunately so toxic. It’s not good for the head.

        As I said though, the past few days have really reminded me of the great journalism broadsheet have produced over the years, the fantastic contributors, and the wealth of commenters. So it’s been incredibly bittersweet.

        Love the link btw.

        1. Cú Chulainn

          I know what you mean. I was scrolling at speed looking for people who hadn’t lost it. It is bittersweet and then some. Take care Milly. Good people with open hearts and minds have a habit of finding similar people.

    2. The Mad Account

      Good luck mills and congratulations again on your impending divorce and remarriage to Bertie

      1. mills

        Every cloud and all.

        In all seriousness, I’ll miss this place a lot. The past few days has reminded me of why I started reading broadsheet and why I stayed for so long. I truly am gutted.

        Mad, it has been a pleasure. I’ll give Bertie your best wishes ;)

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Bring the little children on to me… and I’ll get you a great price… jokes aside, if I identified as a one armed man (and there are people who do) and when to my doctor and said it was causing me immense harm and pain, this having to have the two arms, do you think he’s solution would be to cut it off? I didn’t think so, and yet, if it’s my cock and balls, I don’t have to pay. The world is gone mad.

  9. Rosette of Sirius

    I’ve been knocking around here pretty much since day one in one way or another so I thought I’d sign off with the following…

    In parts of Canada, the collective noun for wild rabbits is ‘fluffle’

    A ‘fluffle of bunnies’.

    I think that’s rather cute.

    So, with that in mind and I mean this in the best possible way…

    …so long all you fluffle bunnies, stay safe, live well and…

    for auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

  10. Paulus

    (With apologies to Francis Albert)

    And now, the end is near
    Bodger draws the final curtain.
    This place held very dear
    It’s time to go, there’s no more flirtin’.
    Back to, a life that’s dull
    Just pulling weeds out in the driveway
    And no more Nick’s Esteem to do on Fri-day.

    Egrets, I’ve seen a few
    Standing lonely to attention.
    In the Dodder, Tolka too
    Photos taken worth a mention:
    Including dogs of every breed
    Rescued out along the highway
    Without these daily pics
    We might just pine-away.

    Then came a time, I’m sure you knew
    The ‘Sheet bit more than it could chew
    Threw a punch, received a clout
    Ate it up and spat it out
    Faced it all, standing tall,
    And did it Ryan’s way.

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