Broadsheet is now in a ‘read-only’ format.

Click on a post if you want to see comments.

We hope to archive the site at a later date.

Thank you to Eamonn Farrell and his team at RollingNews who have supplied images every day since we began. We are very sorry we couldn’t make this work, Eamonn.

There are quite a number people whom we would dearly like to thank, but who may not wish for the association to be highlighted, which we totally respect, although It leaves glaring omissions below. Your work was and is very much appreciated.

Thank you to Broadsheet co-founder Niall Murphy; Legal Coffee Drinker; Will and all at Hosting Ireland; Oisín Kane; Breeda Murphy, Eunan Duffy and Frank Breheny; Tom and Sally Fitzgerald; Ruth Cannon; Aaron McAllorum, John Moynes; Vanessa Foran; Eugene Connolly; Derek Mooney; Olga Werhly; Moira Cardiff; Laura Gaynor; Irvin Muchnick; Larry Ryan (No, a different one); Johnny Keenan; Miriam Cotton; Gary Fitzpatrick; Brendan Keane; Bernard Purcell; Aidan Coughlan; Paul Dowd; Bridget Hourican; Francis Hourican; Michael and Ciaran le Cool; Barry Hartigan; David Langwallner; Neil Curran; Heber Rowan; Kenny Tynan; Grace Garvey; Judith Charlton; Pumpkin Farmer Tom; Shane Heneghan; Luke Brennan; Carlosfandango; Eithne Tynan; Annie West; Donal Moloney; Michael O’Riordan; Lucia O’Farrell; Cynthia Owen; Brendan Ogle; Andy Pipkin; Exchequer Street Boy; The Rabble.ie team; Leather Jacket Guy; Joanne and Sinead (and colleagues) at Presence PR; Jimmy Smyth; Aifric Murray; Colette Colfer; Chay Bowes; Lucky Khumbula; Shayna O’Neill; John Gallen; Kevin Higgins; Paul Quigley; Doug Whelan; Triona Ryan; Niall at Fweed; Karen Costin; Ruadhan Mac Eoin; Morgan C Jones; Sheila Larkin; Fergus at GrandGrand; Eamon Delaney; Simon McGarr; Dennis O’Rourke; Mark at Jam Art Prints; Emma Doran; Sarah Leahy; Warren Brennan, Emmet O’Reilly; Janet Cole; Catherine Murphy and Anne Marie McNally; Joan Fitzpatrick; Frank Armstrong, Michael Smith; Bernard Carr; Dermot Ahern; Kevin Higgins, Kevin L Higgins; Stuart Barlow; Colum Cronin; Derek Mooney; Michael McNamara, @wickedfairysad; John Finucane, Nama Winelake, Joe Kelly, Gerry Bartle, Shane Buckley, Anthony Sheridan, Eamonn Kelly, Olga Cronin and Nick Kelly.

The comment section was the site though.

You made this place what it was.

So, it’s really all your fault.


Thank you.

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53 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    It’s been a very very real pleasure, proud to have my name on that list.
    As I told you before,
    a rockstar and a gent.
    Peace out and you should be proud,
    Miss Cole

  2. Hicksonian

    Thank you Broadsheet. It’s been an amazing ride since I first discovered you. Never to be forgotten and always in my heart and mind forever. Adieu.

  3. Whatever

    Been here since early days, I’m going to miss Broadsheet terribly. All the very best to you all.

  4. Tom J

    Good night and God bless, if you believe that sort of thing and good luck for the future to everyone. If I’ve insulted anyone I didn’t mean it. It was all in the heat of the moment.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    Thanks, John and all. It has been a pleasure.

    To echo Janet’s comment above, I am honoured and proud to be on your list.

    Do not gently go, but softly, softly, and let minds recall you with fondness

  6. Nullzero

    It’s going to be strange not checking Broadsheet in the mornings anymore, not to mention the “debates” in the comments section.

    All the best.

  7. Brother Barnabas

    saddened to hear this but glad to get in before the last curtain. thanks bodger – I know I was a nuisance on occasion but very genuinely i did always appreciate what you were doing. and while I didnt always agree with, I did always admire and respect you; genuine, real fondness for you. loads of others on here who I loved dearly – too many to mention but most of all, janet.in fact, i dont think ive ever like someone so much who I didnt end up riding, so it’s likely destined.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      now that’s made me happy, so glad you popped up, you were missed …ya sexy thing

  8. Mise

    I have followed you guys since the beginning , you have always been a breath of fresh air. Tá brón orm ní bheidh sibh thart níos mó. Go raibh míle maith agaibh don serbhis, is minic a lá no oíche a chaith mé anseo.
    Ádh more
    Marie x

  9. Teddy

    One thing I was hugely impressed with was when ye stood up to Denis O’Brien’s lawyers about republishing the Waterfordwhispers article about Gilligan being similar to himself in a parallel universe. As I recall every other platform crumbled at the mere recipient of a desist letter. Fair play to yis for taking that stand. Whilst I agree with a lot of posters you may may have shot yourselves in the foot, on the whole you did far more good, and should be very proud. I hope you reemerge in some other enterprise. Take care

  10. Mel Cannon

    To each one their own!
    Broadsheet , reimagined, reinvented, like a Phoenix, it’s contributors, mentors, and creators now have a new job to do.
    Let’s get cracking on a new incarnation tut sweet!!!

    1. SOQ

      Absolutely- and with strong moderation to keep the sewer rats out.

      All the best lads- well done.

  11. Big Lad

    Here’s a question…

    If you’re one of the LAST people here, aren’t you also by definition one of the reasons why other people left?

    I’m not accusing you of anything.
    I’m referring to the ever diminishing gene pool

  12. mills

    Thanks lads.

    I’ve said more than enough over the past few days. It’s been wild. Best of luck and see you on the other side…

    Ye big rides ;)

  13. Clampers Outside

    All the best Broadsheet, John, and the all of the gang in the comments section…. I’ll miss you all :)

  14. paddy apathy

    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free…

  15. John Gallen

    Thank you for the shout out John. Missing you and the ‘sheet already.
    It’s been a beautiful final few days reading all the farewell posts and comments…. the warmth, the love and the memories.
    Well… if you know, you know ❤️

  16. Zapf

    Longtime reader, first time poster. Thank you, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this site. Good luck

  17. Smith

    Best of luck John & all. I’ve been here from the start in a few incarnations and tbh through phases of fluctuating mental health. Broadsheet was a constant & I was annoyed and amused in equal measure by the commenters. I also won two record vouchers which was nice. Didn’t like the recent change of focus but still commented, skulked and always checked next morning papers at 11pm religiously. Will really miss the site!

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