Thank Federico it’s Friday.

To ease you through the weekend, let’s have another music competition.

This week I want to know what’s your favourite song featuring a harmonica and the reason why you like it?

Here’s mine.

Reply below to be in with a chance of bagging yourself a €20 Currys PC World voucher redeemable in any Currys store.

The winner will be chosen by my roadie.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines close on Saturday at 11am.

Nick says: Good luck!

Last week’s winner here

Currys PC World

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Behold: the bright elliptical galaxy Messier 87 (M87) – home to the supermassive black hole whose spectacular image was captured in 2019 by the Event Horizon Telescope – the first ever visual of its kind. To wit:

 Giant of the Virgo galaxy cluster about 55 million light-years away, M87 is the large galaxy rendered in blue hues in this infrared image from the Spitzer Space telescope. Though M87 appears mostly featureless and cloud-like, the Spitzer image does record details of relativistic jets blasting from the galaxy’s central region. Shown in the inset at top right, the jets themselves span thousands of light-years. The brighter jet seen on the right is approaching and close to our line of sight. Opposite, the shock created by the otherwise unseen receding jet lights up a fainter arc of material. Inset at bottom right, the historic black hole image is shown in context, at the center of giant galaxy and relativistic jets. Completely unresolved in the Spitzer image, the supermassive black hole surrounded by infalling material is the source of enormous energy driving the relativistic jets from the center of active galaxy M87.

(Image: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration)


The tomb contained an unusual smooth oval-shaped stone (above)

This afternoon.

Dingle, County Kerry.

It is believed the tomb may date to the Bronze Age (2000BC-500BC), but it could be even earlier as it displays a number of highly unusual features.

Archaeologists from the National Monuments Service and the National Museum of Ireland visited the site yesterday to carry out an initial survey.

The authorities say they will not be commenting on the find until a full survey has been completed. It is understood the oval-shaped stone has been removed for safe keeping.

Local archaeologists say it is a highly unusual and significant find.

Ancient ‘untouched’ tomb discovered on Dingle Peninsula (RTÉ)





This afternoon.

Liveline on RTÉ Radio One.


Any excuse.


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Tracy Bruen – Better Than This

Bruen up a storm.

Galwegian singer/songwriter Tracy Bruen (top) has given us a profound and affecting song with a joyful video to boot.

The promo was shot by AMW Visual and features the portrait photography of Galway’s EMJ Camera.

EMJ writes:

“All of the photos for this independent ‘Self Isolation Portrait’ project were taken during the first lockdown in 2020, the time when people couldn’t see many other faces or leave their houses. People posed at their safe place – at their doorstep, introducing one of the new hobbies they took up since the world went into a shutdown.

The agenda was very simple – to show some positive and uplifting news, as well as to link and support each other during the doom and gloom times.

“As a photographer, I wanted to document that current situation through my own angle that had no negativity and give a bit of a bright spark to the community. The whole process ended up being incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming, revisiting some old friends and even making new ones.

This project taught me that every bad situation can be turned into something positive.”

Nick says: Say cheese.

Tracy Bruen

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This afternoon.

“The commission has concerns regarding this measure in relation to the general principles of EU law, in particular proportionality and non-discrimination.

“We have been in contact with the Irish authorities during the past days on this matter. Today the commission sent a letter to the Irish authorities asking for clarifications on this matter and on the criteria used to determine the designated [EU] countries.

“The commission believes that the objective pursued by Ireland, which is the protection of public health during the pandemic, could be achieved by less restrictive measures.”

“We invite the Irish authorities to align more closely their measures taken with the provisions of the council recommendation member states agreed in October and updated earlier this year.”

Christian Wigand, EU Commission Spokesperson for Rule of Law, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Employment and Social Affairs.

The commission has given Ireland ten days to respond.


Earlier: “No Apologies”



Thanks, Steve.

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