Front page of today’s Times Ireland edition and the Twitter profile picture for Dublin Rental Investigator Further to the front page story in today’s Times Ireland edition by Catherine Sanz and Aaron Rogan… About renters being asked to share beds with strangers for up to €550 per month… Dublin Rental Investigator, who has been examining […]

Dublin Rental Investigator’s Twitter avatar; a letter sent to 64 Dublin City Council councillors from Dublin Rental Investigator last month (click to enlarge) On January 14. Dublin Rental Investigator tweeted a letter they sent to 64 Dublin City Council councillors about their concerns related to Spotahome. Further to his… This afternoon the account is tweeting […]

Advertised as ‘Owner Occupied’ which means you would be a licensee, a guest, which equates to virtually zero rights. To share this room you pay €100pw for 5 nights. Photos suggest you have no access to the owners kitchen. #LicenseeRights #RaiseTheRoof — Dublin Rental Investigator (@RentalProperty8) January 28, 2019 When a midnight feast […]

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: This studio opposite Fibbers advertised on @facebook for 4 people at €375pm each. 2 obviously have to bedshare. The kitchen doesn’t meet Min Standards. Difficult to verify. Why is property being advertised on @facebook When will it ever end? Meanwhile… Weekly there’s job announcements for Dublin. @campaignforleo tells EU we’re ready […]

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: 472 NCR ‘Little flat,’ a studio with 2 bunk-beds. €390pm. 4 people living in a one bed poorly maintained studio for €1,560pm. #BunkBedCity #LeosIreland #MurphysMess #RaiseTheRoof 472 north circular road, Dublin 1 ( Previously: Dublin Rental Investigator on Broadsheet

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: €285pm room share of ‘office conversion’ with 3. Bunk beds blocking window. Kitchen consists of toaster/kettle/blender, etc on a desk. Looking at multiple breaches, specifically A.7 Housing Regs, perhaps planning (change of use) breaches too. Blessington Street, Phibsborough, Dublin 7, North Dublin City (

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: Shook! €1,900pm for a ‘studio’ in East Wall. The photos contradict the bed arrangements. Potential breaches in A.7. Housing Regs. Is there planning permission? There’s actual houses for this price in the D3 area. Boolavogue Road, East Wall, Dublin 3, North Dublin City (

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: Rajesh has a 2-bed apartment with ‘7 vacancies’ and 1 current tenant, yet photos show 2 beds and a sofa. Bedshare? Charging in excess of €3,700 per month, €45k per year. Over 50% going rate for 2-bed in Custom House Square. Custom house square, Lowyer mayer street, IFSC, Dublin 1, Dublin […]

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: It’s €550pm for a single bed in someone’s living room Mon-Fri only, that’s 4 nights. You must provide ‘access’ for the other residents. It’s also a licensee agreement meaning zero rights. No alcohol allowed. NCR, Dublin 1, Dublin City Centre ( Previously: Dublin Rental Investigator on Broadsheet

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: Female vacancy for €390pm in a bunkbed room share with 3 in the Steelworks D1. There is 8+ people sharing this apartment with one bathroom. Meanwhile… Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz: Suzanne Costello is advertising ‘shared foreign student accommodation’! 55 North Strand is registered with the RTB as having 6 bedrooms but […]