A fascinating time lapse video by wildlife filmmaker Francis Chee of cell division in a developing frog egg, as it splits from two cells into several million over the course of 33 hours. Chee sez: … it was done with a custom designed microscope based on the “infinity optical design” It is not available by […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANDvxzotELw From the official Toy Story Facebook page – a compilation of easter eggs proving finally, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all Pixar films are connected. #wakeupsheeple biotv

Festival season around the country’s lower reaches continues. Cork, already thrown down with jazz, folk and early music, adds another recurring fest to its list with the second bi-annual Friary Cork Festival, running October 20-24 at the Friary bar on Shandon Street North Mall. Music, food, alcohol, films and other shenanigans are a go throughout […]

What you may need to know: 1. Thomas Hardy’s classic tale of love and not so much love gets the Hollywood treatment. Again. 2. The book was originally published anonymously as a monthly series in the Cornhill Magazine. 3. Carey Mulligan does breathlessly in love very well. 4. That’s Mulligan singing in the trailer too, alongside […]

Your wha’? Tricia Purcell of SpunOut.ie writes: The next event in our table quiz series is TONIGHT at DTwo Harcourt Street, Dublin on the subject of Disney Movies! Featuring questions from the full library of animated and live-action films, this one will really test your knowledge. We will have eight rounds of eight questions, including a […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY8SS_qlchk A full list (voiced by the late great Phil Hartman) of Troy McClure’s films, TV series, self-help specials, musicals and celebrity funerals – from The President’s Neck Is Missing to Smoke Yourself Thin – here. awesomer/splitsider

Frogs literally jumping into Spring on The River Shannon. From The Secret Life of the Shannon on Sunday, RTE One, 6.30pm. Anne-Louise  Foley writes: A bit of nerd trivia, this series was filmed (by Crossing the Line films) using a Phantom High Speed Camera (1,000 frames p. second) the same kind of camera used in […]

From the Tumblr 9 Film Frames, wherein films are summed up in grids of nine stills. (Above: Bullit, Chinatown, Blue Velvet, Trainspotting, Metropolis and 2001: A Space Odyssey) laughingsquid

Another slickly animated minimalist quiz from Evan Seitz –  a follow up to ABC cinema. The challenge is to name all the film titles in real time as the animation plays out. Not that easy. highdefinite