A JobBridge ad for four journalists at the Metro Herald in 2014 RTÉ reports: Internal auditors at the Department of Social Protection have found high-risk concerns over the manner in which employers were allowed to sign up to the controversial JobBridge internship scheme. According to the unpublished report, a copy of which was obtained by RTÉ’s […]

From top: Joan Burton and Enda Kenny at a JobBridge announcement in 2013: Michael Taft JobBridge, the poorly-conceived, figure-massaging internship scheme, is finished. But what – if anything – should replace it. Michael Taft writes: The Sunday Business Post’s investigation into JobBridge was devastating. JobBridge has been used to staff the HSE, Hewlett-Packard, public enterprises, […]

Yesterday’s Sunday Business Post Since 2011, there have been around 46,000 users of JobBridge placements. Further to this… Yesterday, the Sunday Business Post reported: …the largest user of the [JobBridge] scheme over its five-year lifetime is the Health Service Executive (HSE), which used it a total of 399 times. The HSE used the scheme to fill 67 […]

Jimmythehead writes: Came across this “job” posting (top) on the Film Network Ireland Facebook page, which has since been deleted. After a little digging I found a more official post on a well known industry website, IFTN (above). Film Network Ireland do good work in bringing people together through collaboration, where everyone deserves an equal […]

From top: Peter Sutherland and Simon Coveney at the Bilderberg Conference 2014; Simon Coveney launching the government’s white paper on the defence forces this morning. New weapons. A ‘soft’ draft. Are we going to war? Siobhan H writes: In May 2014, Nato-cheerleader Peter Sutherland took Simon Coveney, to the Bilderberg Conference. High on the agenda […]