Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan in the Dáil this morning; Sgt Maurice McCabe and his wife Lorraine McCabe This morning. In the Dáil. “Sergeant Maurice McCabe deserves the gratitude of all of us for bringing serious shortcomings to public attention. He also deserves an apology for what he had to endure, both himself and his family, […]

From top: Michael O’Toole; Lorraine and Maurice McCabe with Michael McDowell SC; since deleted tweets from Mr O’Toole last Summer The assistant editor and crime correspondent of the Irish Daily Star Michael O’Toole gave evidence to the Disclosures Tribunal. Mr O’Toole was named by Supt Dave Taylor as one of the journalists whom he negatively […]

From top: Lorraine and Maurice McCabe; Supt Dave Taylor, Eavan Murray and Fergus O’Shea Reporters from Ireland’s three main ‘red top’ tabloids gave evidence at the Disclosures Tribunal: Eavan Murray, of The Irish Sun; Michael O’Toole, of the Irish Daily Star; and Cathal McMahon, formerly of the Irish Mirror. Eavan Murray, of The Irish Sun, […]

Lorraine and Maurice McCabe during the Disclosures Tribunal From top: headline over the February 20, 2017 article containing an interview with Ms D; Kevin O’Sullivan, then editor of the paper, and Conor Lally, the article’s author This morning/afternoon. The High Court, Dublin. “On the 20th Februrary 2017, The Irish Times published an article in its print […]

From top: Sgt Maurice McCabe, Michael Clifford, Supt Dave Taylor (right panel) and Tim Vaughan During the Disclosures Tribunal, the matter of the protection of media sources was discussed at length. Justice Peter Charleton told the tribunal that he had grown up following the Watergate hearings, which took place in the summer of 1973. The […]

Top: Michael McDowell (left) and Sgt Maurice McCabe. Above: From left Daniel McConnell, Juno McEnroe and Cormac O’Keefe While examining whether media organisations colluded with senor gardai in the alleged smearing of whistleblower Maurice McCabe the tribunal heard from many indignant journalists. Some resented being there (perfectly understandable if wrongly accused) while others treated the […]

Top: Sgt Maurice McCabe and above, clockwise from top left: Conor O’Donnell, Debbie McCann, Robert Cox, Alison O’Reilly and Sebastian Hamilton. Following  the completion of evidence from Fionnan Sheahan (full report on this here), chairman of the Disclosures Tribunal Justice Peter Charleton turned to the Irish Independent editor and asked: “Mr Sheahan…Is there anything in […]

Clockwise from top left: Sgt Maurice McCabe and Michael McDowell; Fionnan Sheahan, Colum Kenny, Terry Prone, Ian Mallon, Tom Brady and Anne Harris. On March 25, 2014, the morning after Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan’s resignation, Terry Prone wrote an opinion piece for the Irish Independent. In her article, the public relations expert said there was […]

Clockwise from top left Ian Mallon, Claire Grady, Paul Williams, Stephe Rea: and Sgt Maurice McCabe during the Disclosures Tribunal at Dublin Castle In September 2012, Stephen Rea, former crime correspondent and then editor of the Evening Herald and ex-editor of The Garda Review, was made editor of the Irish Independent. One of Mr Rea’s […]