Last night. On RTÉ Radio One’s Late Debate, presented by Sarah McInerney. The panel was: John Paul Phelan, Minister of State for Local Government and Electoral Reform; Dr Rory Hearne, of Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute; Fianna Fail TD for Kildare North James Lawless; Jennifer Bray, Deputy Political Editor of the Times Ireland edition and […]

The Echo Chamber Podcast. Episode 13. Hosts Martin McMahon and Tony Groves are joined by academic, author, political analyst and activist Dr Rory Hearne. They discuss the housing crisis; inequality; an alternative, left Government; next week’s Songs and Words: A Home For All event, at which Rory will be speaking; and the day Rory ran with […]

</a This morning/afternoon. Irish Aviation Authority Conference Centre, Dublin Scenes from the Sinn Féin – A New Economy for A Changing Ireland conference including Pearse Doherty TD (above), Sinn Fein finance spokesman and Dr Rory Hearne (pic 2), of Maynooth University. As he closed the  conference, Mr Doherty said: Today I am announcing a bold […]

From top: Reboot Republic logo; Dr Rory Hearne Dr Rory Hearne writes: The actions of housing activists occupying vacant buildings in Dublin have once more captured the public imagination and highlighted the ever worsening housing crisis. Just over two weeks ago housing campaigners occupied a building on Summerhill in Dublin’s inner city. Ten days later […]

This morning. On Fairview Bridge, Dublin 3. Tommy S tweetz: The latest twist in the battle for the bridge in Fairview Meanwhile…. On the bridge last night… Incredible public support for #together4Yes on #Fairview Bridge Dublin this evening…just listen to those horns honking…gardai honked, ambulances turned on their sirens. Public mood shifting further to support […]

Irish Water protest on O’Connell Street, Dublin in August 2015; Dr Rory Hearne The focus in recent weeks on the Taoiseach’s self-imploding spin machine (from his spinning of yarns to impress Trump and the exposure of the Strategic Spin Unit) hasn’t been all bad news, however, for Varadkar and his band of merry Ministerels. It […]

From top: The Dublin Tenants Association; Dr Rory Hearne Private renters have been amongst Ireland’s forgotten and ignored households. But politicians can no longer downplay their importance and the difficult situation many live in the sector. Over 800,000 people in this country now live in the private rented sector – that’s almost 20%, or a […]

From top: Emergency Beds for homeless people set up in St Catherine’s Community Sports Centre, Dublin 8 by the Peter McVerry Trust yesterday; Dr Rory Hearne Homelessness continues to rise and tens of thousands more face potential homelessness from vulture fund take-over of mortgages in arrears. Despite all the policy documents and plans – the […]

From top: Mary Lou McDonald; Dr Rory Hearne Tomorrow you continue the journey of history-making. The decisions you, and your party, make in the coming months and years will determine if your Presidency of Sinn Fêin marks an important step towards an Ireland of social justice and an end to this failed Republic of corruption, […]

From top: Nigel Farage and John Waters at the irexit conference in the RDS on Saturday; Dr Rory Hearne It is incredible how angry supposedly sensible people get when you express a contrarian view point. Or if you even raise questions about supposed ‘truths’ and general ‘commonsense’. The impossibility of Ireland leaving the EU, or […]