The Echo Chamber Podcast. Episode 13. Hosts Martin McMahon and Tony Groves are joined by academic, author, political analyst and activist Dr Rory Hearne. They discuss the housing crisis; inequality; an alternative, left Government; next week’s Songs and Words: A Home For All event, at which Rory will be speaking; and the day Rory ran with […]

From top: Mary Lou McDonald; Dr Rory Hearne Tomorrow you continue the journey of history-making. The decisions you, and your party, make in the coming months and years will determine if your Presidency of Sinn Fêin marks an important step towards an Ireland of social justice and an end to this failed Republic of corruption, […]

From top: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Nigel Farage MEP, in Strasbourg last month; Tony Groves Prediction is a mug’s game. So here I am, Mug Groves, ready to make a prediction. While many have scoffed at the idea of Irexit, and pointed out the polls indicate that we are deeply Pro-European in Ireland, Rory Hearne […]

From top: Nigel Farage and John Waters at the irexit conference in the RDS on Saturday; Dr Rory Hearne It is incredible how angry supposedly sensible people get when you express a contrarian view point. Or if you even raise questions about supposed ‘truths’ and general ‘commonsense’. The impossibility of Ireland leaving the EU, or […]

From top Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the Dáil yesterday: Aengus Ó Maoláin So Leo Varadkar got money from his parents for the deposit to buy his apartment (although…). Fair play to him. And fair play to you if you did the same. Let me be clear at the outset that I have no problem with […]

From top: Preparations ahead of this week’s World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland; Dr Rory Hearne The global elite of governments, corporate CEOs, and financial investors meet for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland this week. Their discussion topics include such heart-warming titles as ‘Saving Economic Globalization from Itself’, ‘Global Markets in […]

From top: Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy; Dr Rory Hearne Not one affordable home was built in 2017 and the government did not meet its new social house building targets as the homelessness and housing crisis continues to worsen. That is what the headlines on news articles covering the Minister for Housing’s ‘Social Housing Delivery […]

At the MyNameIs concert at Dáil Éireann, from left: Dill Wickramesnhge, Dr Rory Hearne, Clare O’Connor, Anthony Flynn, Erica Fleming and Mick Caul. To the people of Ireland. To the renters worried about eviction or the next rent hike from their landlord, to the couch surfers, the overcrowded, the aspirant home owners, the distressed mortgage […]

From top: Ivan Yates and Dr Rory Hearne on last night’s Tonight Show on TV3; Eamonn Kelly I caught some of the Tonight Show on TV3 last night, hosted by Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates in a discussion with Brendan Ogle, Rory Hearne, Sabina Brennan and Ursula Tipp, which asked, Is Ireland still an unequal […]

Dr Rory Hearne We live in extreme times. Extreme inequality – where the 8 richest men on the planet have the same wealth as half the entire global population. Here in Ireland the top 20% own half of all the wealth. But it is also a time of extreme insecurity – a deep sense of […]