A free One Direction doll is lobbed into the Late Late Show audience this evening. A young female fan reaches for the plastic figurine as it hurtles in her direction. Enter Mr Grabby. Barry writes: The dark side of the Late Late Toy Show…. Shameful. Thanks Barry Prendeville Previously: Awesome Audience People on broadsheet Wait for it. Moody, magnificent and menacing. With the raw sexuality of a young Van Damme Byron. But enough about Tubs. Who’s the guy chewing the gum? Previously: So When Are You Going To Unleash Magnum On Us? Awesome Saturday Night Audience Guy (Thanks Aaron McAllorum)

Really, it’s hard to beat the unalloyed original footage (which started out on Reddit) but – the internet being what it is – the inevitable gifs, remixes and mashups have begun to proliferate. It hasn’t hit Know Your Meme yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Awesome Audience Guy Quickly Becoming A Meme (Uproxx) […]

Or ice slipping guy? Or Dancing Garda? Or indeed Awesome Saturday Night Audience Guy. Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you. Coming soon: The Irish Internet Legends Tour. Joe and Keith of Phantom 1052 explain: We’re gathering together the following people: · The taxi driver who danced along to Get Lucky in a Dublin […]

Stop doing that. Also: respect, fist bump, etc. Saturday’s Winning Streak on RTE 1. Full ‘high-brow’ prank here (21 mins) Previously: Largely Indifferent late Late Audience Guy So When Are You Going To Unleash Magnum On Us? Scary Late Late Audience Guy Awesome Saturday Night Audience Guy   Thanks Joe O’Callaghan