A free One Direction doll is lobbed into the Late Late Show audience this evening. A young female fan reaches for the plastic figurine as it hurtles in her direction. Enter Mr Grabby. Barry writes: The dark side of the Late Late Toy Show…. Shameful. Thanks Barry Prendeville Previously: Awesome Audience People on broadsheet

Really, it’s hard to beat the unalloyed original footage (which started out on Reddit) but – the internet being what it is – the inevitable gifs, remixes and mashups have begun to proliferate. It hasn’t hit Know Your Meme yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Awesome Audience Guy Quickly Becoming A Meme (Uproxx) […]

Or ice slipping guy? Or Dancing Garda? Or indeed Awesome Saturday Night Audience Guy. Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you. Coming soon: The Irish Internet Legends Tour. Joe and Keith of Phantom 1052 explain: We’re gathering together the following people: · The taxi driver who danced along to Get Lucky in a Dublin […]