The ‘How To be Sound‘ podcast Rosemary McCabe meets much-loved social media fashion plate James ‘Exchequer Street Boy’ Kavanagh. Rosemary writes: James talked about what exactly people mean by “PC gone mad”, the variety of STIs he has experience of and how he’d choose to describe himself, given that his main source of income is […]

Argh. Moondust! Among those being zapped [practising the ancient fairly recent art of hadoukening/dragonballing] by Irish astronaut Buzzin’ Aldrin in Fumbally Square, Dublin, this afternoon was… …James Kavanagh The well-heeled space cadet who put Exchequer Street on the map. But can you spot him?

James ‘Exchequer Boy’ Kavanagh writes: My shoes made an appearance in this months Totally Dublin. I’m like a proud momma.I got ’em made by a lovely man in New York. It must be said. Nobody wears them quite like the Exchequer Street Boy. The trick is to bend the knees while stationary.

Liam Neeson during the Late Late Show‘s 50th Anniversary in 2012 On The Late Late Show… Gareth Naughton writes: Hollywood star Liam Neeson joins former White House press secretary Sean Spicer on the line-up for this week’s Late Late Show. The Ballymena-born Oscar-nominated actor will be in studio to chat about being one of the […]

The Micheal Tea Cosy by reader Virginia Costello; We are five today and would like to thank all broadsheet commenters/contributors past and present. Some birthday messages: “I like that you introduced me to Poorly Drawn Lines (which I continually call Badly Drawn Lines). How you keep issues like the Fr Niall Molloy death in peoples’ […]