Norma Burke aka Bunty Twungtinton McFuff Frilly Keane writes: Also in the Dublin City Council chamber yesterday was Bunty Twungtinton McFuff You might remember Bunty was hoping to join the Gavin Duffy campaign Rather than getting all insulted and grandly upstanding like Mannix Flynn, I suggest Councillors, all over the Country, recognise what this route […]

Hillary Clinton makes her concession speech at the New Yorker Hotel watched by daughter Chelsea and husband Bill Clinton After a short absence Frilly returns with a song for Hillary and bum note for Irish rugby. Frilly Keane fumes: I’m going to start with Rugbee crowd bating the All Blacks, well done. I don’t exactly […]

Brown mince, a banged up Mini and a dodgy mullet. The author makes a gratitude list. Frilly Keane writes: I’ve noticed lately, that content beyond the ould’reliables like the Papers, Moynes, Crying Chairs and Leather Jacket Lad, that some themes or topics if you like, relight themselves again and again; The Housing Crisis, JobBridge, Alan […]

It’s Friday. It’s Midday. It’s Frilly on Friday. Frilly Keane writes: You are about to launch into the maiden ‘Pudding’ interview. Read along as my older, much older, lover unravels himself. Get yerselves stuck into the Black n’White of this week’s Frill-Bit, Save yere oul’leftovers n’bitching for Mercy on Monday.. Occupation? “Mostly Villain, apparently. But […]