From top: Dr Julien Mercille; William Campbell Journalist William Campbell’s excellent Here’s How current affairs podcast this week features pillow-lipped, Gallic-accented, elite-basher Dr Julien Mercille, often of this parish but known to ‘wander’. William writes: Is ‘pink pricing’ – charging higher prices for women’s products than for largely identical men’s ones – real? Does it […]

From top: Chairperson of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) Ann Marie Gill, CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald at a DRCC event last year; Dr Julien Mercille Is Enda Kenny a feminist? Dr Julien Mercille writes: Enda Kenny’s speechwriter wrote a piece in […]

Bodger: “Who the fupp are?” Chompsky: “The strange boys from the Village.” Bodger: “Stinking rotters.” Chompsky: “They’ve a girl with them.” Bodger: “Leave Julien’s face for pity‘s sake.” Almost whimsically and perhaps in closet guilt at the apparent libertarianism of its no doubt mostly junior advertising exec readership (it promotes, nay ogles, Julien Mercille, conspiracy […]

From top: NCAD college, Dublin last month and Julien Mercille Yes. They are revolting. But why? Dr Julien Mercille writes: Students are rising. In Quebec (Canada), Amsterdam, London and elsewhere, students are taking matters into their own hands and trying to resist austerity, neoliberalism, and the commercialisation of education. But the media has been discreet […]

Tony Malone (top right with his Mandate union rep John Callan), who was sacked by Dunnes in Dundalk after he went on strike, and (above) laid-off cleaning staff from the Ministry of Finance protesting in Athens, Greece in 2013 What connects The Dunnes Stores workers and the 600 women cleaners who were employed by the Ministry […]

Above: Joan Burton and Margaret Heffernen Low hour contracts and useless internships. How Dunnes Stores and the Labour Party devalued work. Julien Mercile writes; We live in a world of smoke and mirrors where words are turned upside down to hide the simple fact that ordinary people are being exploited by elites. For example, if […]

From top: Geraldine Kennedy; Gerry O’Regan; Dan O’Brien; Julien Mercille An inevitable thing happened at the banking inquiry. Dr Mercille Writes: Last week, the Banking Inquiry forced some members of the media to undergo questioning about their poor performance during the housing bubble years. They didn’t enjoy it. The Inquiry’s media deliberations started with myself […]

This morning. French-Canadian beefcake boffin Dr Julien Mercille is currently addressing the banking Inquiry over the media’s role in the financial crisis. FIGHT! Watch LIVE here (committee room 1) More as we get. The accumulation of sovereign debt in Ireland and Europe gave rise to the possibility of default and restructuring. However, the media described […]