The Press Council decision, released to Tom and Sally Fitzgerald today, which found in their favour. The matters relate only to the apology given by the Irish Times to The Communications Clinic on December 3, 2011. The Press Ombudsman, Professor John Horgan, refused to investigate seven matters (see below) relating to the parents’ belief that […]

Tom and Sally Fitzgerald, the parents of the late Kate Fitzgerald, say they will meet with the editor of the Irish Times, Kevin O’Sullivan (above), as early as tomorrow to find out why the paper first edited and then redacted an anonymous article by their daughter. Sally Fitzgerald has said the family are also considering […]

Irish Times editor Kevin O’Sullivan (above), writing in today’s paper on the decision to edit Kate Fitzgerald’s final words: Kate Fitzgerald wrote a personal opinion piece in The Irish Times (September 9th) outlining her efforts to deal with depression; to find the answer on mental illness, “if you ask the right question”. The piece, published anonymously […]

Kate Fitzgerald, who was found dead on August 23, 2011 Today’s Irish Examiner reports: “The Department of Justice is to re-examine the Garda investigation into the 2011 death of PR executive Kate Fitzgerald, after repeated claims from her family the original case was flawed. In a coroner’s case last year, the death of the 25-year-old […]

Kate Fitzgerald will be honoured by Democrats Abroad Ireland at its Presidential inauguration ball in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin this evening. California-born Kate headed the organisation during Obama’s first victory in 2008. Kate’s parents, Tom and Sally, will collect the award. Dennis Desmond, chair of Democrats Abroad Ireland, writes: While we celebrate the re-election of […]

The new investigation was ordered to establish all of the circumstances of Kate fitzgerald’s death — after her post-mortem results raised the possibility that she may have died in suspicious circumstances. A detective superintendent at Pearse Street Garda Station was appointed to lead a new inquiry last month. It is understood that a team of up to […]

A petition, uploaded in the last 24 hours, seeking justice for Kate Fitzgerald and, so far, signed by 127 people (many of them Irish Times’ readers) calling on ‘the paper of record’ to offer: i) An appropriate clarification or apology [for the redaction of Kate’s article] ii) A concrete commitment to help promote awareness and […]