From left: Mattress Mick, Mattress fella, And filmmaker Paul kelly In an attempt to save his struggling mattress business during the recession, sixty-something Michael Flynn teams up with aspiring film maker Paul Kelly to reinvent himself as the eccentric online persona ‘Mattress Mick’. Through Paul’s zany videos and creative use of social media Mattress Mick […]

“Mattress Mick sees himself at the forefront of the recovery of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger–mauled economy. “Mattress Mick is here to help the Irish people get a good night’s sleep,” he tells me, speaking of Mattress Mick as a character, not in first person (his real name is Michael Flynn). “Irish-made mattresses are the best-made in […]

Further to the viral success of Mattress Mick’s latest, comparatively high-budget and most successful video (above) to date. And a memorable appearance on Derek Mooney’s RTÉ Radio 1 show yesterday. Mick didn”t get where he is today on his own you know. Often overlooked in all the hoopla is Paul Kelly (above arrowed) whose video company ‘Shoot Audition’ is set up in the […]