Top: Paddy Cosgrave and Enda Kenny launching last year’s Web Summit Read them and weep. The culmination of soul-crushing, drawn out correspondence between Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave and people in the the Taoiseach’s office which eventually led to the Web Summit leaving Dublin for Lisbon. Full correspondence here (

#Websummit Cosgrave slams RDS for wi-fi connection issues — Independent Business (@IndoBusiness) November 4, 2014 Quite a vitriolic rant against RDS wifi contractual obligations on Centre Stage at #websummit. — Jim Merricks White (@jimmerricks) November 4, 2014 Wifi has gone down at the #websummit & @paddycosgrave is not happy! Slating the #RDS for refusing give […]

A guide to the ‘controversial‘ tech summit By pencil bearded illustrator Cathal Duane He sez: “This cover is a response to the Web Summit being held in Dublin on the 4-6 of November. I wanted create a visually quirky image that represents and combines aspects of both the conference and the city it is being held in. I create […]

Current status: locked in @WebSummitHQ‘s bathroom with handle broken off might have to call someone… — James Whelton (@jwhelton) August 29, 2013   No signal, can’t open door, skype to @tonyennis failed, can’t make enough noise. Can anyone at @WebSummitHQ open door of the jacks for me? — James Whelton (@jwhelton) August 29, 2013 […]

This afternoon. Nick’s Coffee Shop, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave talking to RTÉ’s Philip Boucher Hayes and addressing media about his role in a campaign that anonymously targeted European Facebook users in 10 countries with advertisements about Ireland’s corporate tax system saying it was his ‘patriotic duty’. Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave […]

From top: Yesterday’s Irish Independent; and from the Irish Independent-sponsored data security conference Further to the alleged data breach at Independent News and Media… And reports that the Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon is to investigate into the alleged breach… And the Irish Independent-sponsored data security conference in Dublin on Monday… Gemma O’Doherty tweetz: I […]