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Cllr Shaun Cunniffe at the little used public toilet in Tuam. Photo: Johnny Ryan Photography.

Tuam’s superloo – dubbed the town’s cut-price love nest because it’s used by canoodling couples – could be an early St Valentine’s day present for Oranmore. County Councillor Donagh Killilea (FF) has proposed that Tuam Municipal District gift the public toilet at The Shambles car park in Tuam to the Oranmore/Athenry Municipal District.

Superloo ‘love nest’ could be gifted to Oranmore (Connacht Tribune)

(H/T: Frank Yoka)

(Photo: Johnny Ryan Photography)

What a night.

A big, warm thank you to clockwise from top left: ; Vanessa Foran; ‘Preposterous‘, Marcel Kreuger; strong>Neil Curran and Ruth Curran, Olga Cronin and Johnny Keenan, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show, produced by Neil Curran, can be viewed in its entirety above.

At a glance guide:

6:00 – “Pretending to be Catholic” – getting children baptised.

14:15 – Kerry Babies case

29:11 – “Do you think you are well served by the female leaders in Ireland?”

37:25 – “I don’t take offence easily

38:13 – Dolores O’Riordan (almost a tribute)

45:07 – “Can you say ‘beor’ in 2018?”

46:58 – The real Dolores O’Riordan segment

58:15 – De’ papers

Some swearing.

One walkout.

Good times.

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