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Ever heard of The Pittsburgh?

Of course knot.

For a mere 79c, the Tie Assistant App will help you perfect 15 different knots and recommend the perfect neck candy for any occasion.

It is completely absurd.

Say goodbye to your favourite T-101 (you know, the nice one from Terminator 2) by scarfing down this birthday cake homage to the molten metal into which he lowered himself.

Aw. Also: diabetes.


The World’s Biggest Pac-Man lets you play an effectively unlimited number of levels of the classic arcader.

If you’re feeling social you can even log in with your Facebook account and and let your friends and work colleagues see how much work you’re actually doing.

Unless you’ve already been fired.

Play here


Have you ever paused in the middle of a 99c racing game and thought ‘man, this would be so much better with a tiny fake steering wheel’?

You have? Then you, my friend, are in luck today. For the low, low price of your dignity, you can own an iPhone4 Racing Wheel and be the envy of your dwindling circle of friends .


An insightful look into the psychology of Star Wars which shines a light on ‘compelling’ evidence regarding the subliminal messages George Lucas has been sending women for nearly thirty years.

Why ‘Star Wars’ Is Secretly Terrifying for Women (Cracked)