Rosi Leonard, of Home Sweet Home and the Irish Housing Network This afternoon. Sr Stanislaus Kennedy spoke to Ray D’Arcy on RTÉ Radio One. During the interview they discussed the occupation of Apollo House. At one point, Rosi Leonard, of the Irish Housing Network and Home Sweet Home campaign, joined the show by phone. From […]

From top: George Gibney and journalist Irvin Muchnick Readers may recall how a San Francisco district court judge, Judge Charles Breyer, last week ordered the US government to release documents pertaining to the US immigration file on former Irish swimming coach George Gibney to US journalist Irvin Muchnick. Mr Muchnick, in Judge Breyer’s words, “hopes to uncover […]

At the launch of JobBridge: Enda Kenny, Martin Murphy, MD of HP (Ireland) and Joan Burton. Blogger Stewart Curry doing the tearing: Why “we might hire you after the internship” is Bullshit There’s often the carrot dangled that after three months, there’s the chance of a job. Well big fucking deal. Surely that’s what a […]