From top: McDonad’s, Kylemore Road, Dublin 12: Dennis aka ‘Fluffybiscuits’

This afternoon.

Fluffybiscuits writes:

The curtains fall on one of the greatest shows that has lasted well over ten years. A rambunctious fest , an adventure in the halls of reporting.

Twelve years ago, I came across Broadsheet by pure accident, read, commented then faded into the background to read the pieces as they appeared.

I went to my favourite pub recently, the two barman I adored had left and the atmosphere had changed. The same is happening with friends as they get married and dynamics change. The internet now is the very same, but it’s a journey I’m grateful for.

Five years ago when I poured all my anger into a piece published on Broadsheet, it gave me a friendship that has endured to this day. A young woman (you owe me a fiver for saying that!) brought me for coffee to McDonald’s on the Kylemore Road and listened to the outpourings of what was then a broken man, who healed thanks to Bodger, John & Co.

Vanessa as you know her, meets up with me on a regular basis (I’m a devil for doing all sorts of last minute things!). I’m still single but a lot more comfortable in who I am and what I have become as a man.

Janet, Spaghetti Hoop and Clampers – I will miss ye dearly and Cian. SOQ made me smirk, I always wondered who he was!

I had an idea for a column but in one line. It revolved around an incident at a night out where I was seduced by some woman recently and gave it a go… was not for me but you don’t know these things till we try!

Community is what we had….

Wishing you all the best.

Den aka Fluffybiscuits.

Previoously: Fluffybiscuits on broadsheet

Everyone was there.


Whelan’s Dublin 2.

The launch of the Paddy Power Comedy festival, running from July 21-24. From top, left to right: Lorna Spaine and Wayne Lawlor; Anne Morrissey, Ciara Muller and Tara O Brien; Emman Idama; Njoki Gichinga and Reagan Dorian; Bren Berry and Paddy Power; Elaine Crowley; Emma Doran and Shane Daniel Byrne; Juustine Stafford and Kayleigh O Donoghue; Naoise Nunn & Deirdre O’Kane.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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Kevin L Higgins writes:

Taken aback by your news but understand the reasons. Since I’ve been around a lot longer I have always been amused by a namesake [the esteemed Kevin Higgins] publishing poetry..The joke is that as a nipper I dabbled. Here is something well-aged as my send off…

I walked into a Dublin Pub (1969)

I walked into a Dublin pub
To silence a thirst from Dublin streets
Steeped in atmosphere
And literary décor
Plastic bark from plastic trees
And in the corner suppin’
The best from James’ Gate
A genuine jackeen, called Joxer
The bloody tourist’s dream.

Kevin L Higgins

Earlier: Kevin Higgins: Avoid Causing Offence

Pic via Rare Irish Stuff


On February 23rd, 2018, Broadsheet published a story containing serious allegations against the award-winning journalist and author Olaf Tyaransen.

We also provided a direct link to an article on the US website Medium, which was the source of these allegations. Medium removed the story shortly thereafter.

We did not intend to malign the reputation and good name of Mr Tyaransen and sincerely apologise for the stress, hurt and embarrassment caused to him and his family.


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Joyceans assemble.

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

This year marks 100 years since the publication of James Joyce’s peerless modernist classic, Ulysses, and RTÉ will celebrate Bloomsday, June 16th, with a series of broadcasts, articles, and archive clips to mark the occasion, brought to you by RTÉ Drama on One.

The 1982 RTÉ complete dramatisation of Ulysses will be broadcast (for the third successive year) on June 16th and 17th on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, followed by the first streamed broadcast of all 15 stories from Dubliners, and Joyce’s only extant play Exiles.

A dedicated section (at link below) includes the podcasts of the unabridged RTÉ Players production of Ulysses, as well as the companion series, Reading Ulysses, the new RTÉ documentary 100 Years Of Ulysses, and the Walking Out audio series featuring Irish writers on Joyce’s masterpiece. It also features numerous long reads exploring various aspects of Joyce’s work, alongside a collection of clips from RTÉ Archives.

Ulysses at 100 (RTE)

Kevin  Higgins

Brief Reflection On Not Alienating One’s Peers

Never say anything which can be misconstrued
or, worse, construed correctly.
If you can avoid it never be either
right or wrong about anything.
When lobbed a direct question
develop what looks like
a kind of facial twitch.

Never suggest they solve their differences
by wrestling naked on the Salthill prom
and never say on social media
you’d be happy to referee such a bout
wearing a three piece suit and a cravat.

Never announce them to the crowd
as Knocknacarra’s answer to Norman Mailer
or say on camera that in their absence
“I give you these twelve empty gin bottles”.
Keep schtum
when at their book launch or gallery opening
you’re handed a plate of cocktail sticks
with nothing at the end of them.

And never arrive at one of their soirees
without having about your person
a magnifying glass through which they appear
as big as they think they are.

Kevin Higgins

So this is goodbye.

Thanks so much to everyone who left such supportive messages on my post yesterday. They really warmed my heart and are appreciated more than I can express.

I am sure gonna miss our regular Friday get togethers.

At least Janet can rest knowing that no ABBA songs are lurking under the next link.

It’s apt that the theme for our last music bants comes via esteemed Broadsheet Trailer Park supervisor Andy Pipkin, who writes:

“So with the heaviest of hearts, my last suggestion for The Last Quiz: ‘What’s your favourite song that mentions Goodbye or Farewell or Thank You?’ Here’s mine.”

Thanks Andy.

And here’s mine.

You know the drill: Please include video links if possible.

Lines stay open until Sunday at 5pm.

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

Pic: Apple Corps

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Duke Street, Dublin 2.

Charlie Bird at the launch of a book published in his honour ‘Climb Every Mountain – Charlie Bird’s Marriage Equality journey’ with above from left: co-editor Yvonne Judge and designer Kate Horgan in the Dublin Pride Pop Up Hub.

Climb Every Mountain is self published and has been made to thank Charlie Bird for his ‘work and friendship with the LGBTQ+ family in Ireland’.

All proceeds go to BELONGto and The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA)

Buy here

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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