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An award-winning, appropriately seasonal 2013 short by Spanish animators Marc Riba and Anna Solanas about a boy isolated in a house besieged by a horde of stray dogs.

Not for kids.


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The Ubatuba House, built on a steep hill overlooking the Brazilian coast – a 10m x 10m x 6m high concrete box with a bottom floor veranda, first floor kitchen and second floor living area with bedrooms and bathroom. Two smaller adjacent units accommodate a parking area, custodian house, mechanical space, and swimming pool.

Quite the bunker.


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Horinouchi House in Tokyo, Japan, a very modestly sized (56 m³) house that makes the most of its tiny footprint, designed by Mizuishi Architect Atelier. To wit:

Slightly reminiscent of a submarine’s periscope, the Horinouchi House’s triangular-shaped exterior allows it to fit snugly into its modest plot of land. Inside, the home is spacious and incredibly well lit, succeeding in making it feel much larger than it actually is. Its lower level houses a master bedroom and bathroom, along with a kitchen and dining room, while the upstairs quarters are primarily reserved for communal activities — think a den or living room.


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.56.00

At the weekend (location unspecified in Rathgar, Dublin 6).

Jenny Headen writes:

Sweet graffiti outside our gaff…


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 14.49.58

Jenny adds:

At first they thought we were gas… Then they changed their minds.

dkpress shot

New Jacksondoing the festival rounds in Ireland and Europe

What you may need to know…

01. The man currently known as David Kitt, is also currently known as New Jackson. Yep, the very same.

02. Out with the moody singer-songwriter stuff, in with sunny, disco-y house.

03. Streaming above is Having a Coke With You, from his EP of the same name released in 2014 on Permanent Vacation. Following up with 12″ single Metroflex, he’s since been getting attention for remix work with the like of the xx.

04. Next appearances are this Friday at Cobh’s Sirius Arts Centrethis Saturday at M-NUS (note the on-brand spelling) in Cork, July 1st at Derry’s Celtronic festival, July 3 at Castlepalooza fest. More info on UK and Europe dates here.

Verdict: A big romance with the horizon for Kitt, embracing sunnier sounds and following his own muses.

New Jackson

maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-01 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-04 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-02 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-03maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-10 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-07 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-11

The extraordinary house designed by Hungarian architect Antii Lovag for the adventurer and philanthropist Pierre Bernard at Théoule Sur Mer in southern France in the 1970s.

Sure you couldn’t miss the place.

Refurbished over the last five years by French architect Odile Decq, the structure was given a vibrant new colour scheme to delineate the various dwelling spaces.

Now for yeh.