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Dil Wickremasinghe (with bump) and her partner Anne Marie

 A happy couple.

A baby shower.

What could possibly go wrong?

Newstalk broadcaster and LGBT activist  Dil Wickremasinghe writes:

I woke up last Sunday morning super-excited because my partner had organised a baby shower with my dearest friends that evening. It was meant to be a happy occasion until I looked at my Twitter feed….


These were between a person I had previously blocked and David Quinn of the Iona Institute, demanding to know who the father of my child was. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe that someone at the forefront of an organisation and a campaign could be so insensitive. How could a person who has continuously requested a fair and respectful debate around the upcoming Same-Sex Marriage Referendum make such a personal attack?

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Thanks Jane Casey

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.51.39Dr John Murray of the Iona Institute

From the Irish Times letters page…

Sir, – Patsy McGarry in his report on a debate on the upcoming marriage referendum has misrepresented two things I said in my 15-minute speech in this debate (“Historic marriage equality debate held at King’s Inns”, February 20th). First, he reports that I said that a Yes vote would lead to marriage being abolished and no longer existing. What I said was that marriage, as it now is, and historically has been understood, as a union of one man and one woman, would no longer exist.

Second, he reports that I said that other relationships, such as civil partnerships and guardianships, “cannot be placed alongside marriage as equally good”. What I actually said was that “other relationships and family forms cannot be placed alongside marriage and the family founded on marriage as always equally good for family and children. No other relationship or family form . . . has the capacity to provide a child with a loving mother and father united in a comprehensive life-long, publicly and legally committed union”.

Right so.

Marriage referendum (Irish Times letters page)


Ireland’s State-run postal service An Post has denied that a stamp produced for Valentine’s Day is intended to back a Yes vote in the forthcoming same-sex marriage referendum. According to The Irish Catholic newspaper, the latest stamp, employing the word ‘LOVE’ in multi-coloured lettering, also includes, as part of the red letter ‘E’ an equals sign, an internationally recognised symbol for support of gay marriage.

An Post denies stamp is ‘pro-gay marriage’ (Iona Institute)

Pro same sex marriage stamp criticised (The Irish Catholic)

(H/T: Rep)


‘The Truth About The Iona Institute’

A somewhat imbalanced (in fairness) Iona Institute infographic by ‘AL’.

He writes:

There’s a lot of information out there [alleging] how deceitful Iona ‘Institute’ are. So much so that it can get confusing. Which was why I spent a lot of today compiling it all in one infographic.

*The Breda O’Brien quote is out of context. We offer the directors of Iona Institute a right of reply should they wish. Anytime.  Your own infographic even.. Look, we have no money.


Part of the Iona Institute’s submission on marriage to the Constitutional Convention.

Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh writes:

This is the Iona Institute’s submission to the Constitutional Convention – when marriage was being discussed.On pages 3 and 4 it quotes a report called “Marriage from a Child’s Perspective: How Does Family Structure Affect Children, and What Can We Do about It?” published by an American organisation called Child Trends. However…


This is the report itself – the report upon which the Iona Institute has based its anti-marriage equality arguments. When you open it, it’s kind of hard to ignore the NOTE in big blue letters (above)…Presumably, the Iona Institute would like us all to do that just that – ignore it….?