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Yesterday. Location unspecified.

Bob writes:

So much for the council getting heavy handed with illegal dumpers. This is happening directly opposite a camera (which was either installed by the council or privately, it’s hard to tell). It’s a pretty frequent occurrence in this spot. What happens next is that it’s usually set on fire resulting in the fire brigade having to attend. The cycle continues…

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Courtown beach, county Wexford.

Seems legit.

(Thanks Scooby)


A playing field in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15


A neglected beauty.

MLG writes:

I’m very keen to get together a group of local volunteers in Mulhuddart who would be willing to tackle some of the litter black-spots in the area. I’m a keen walker, and although we have wonderful facilities and resources around Mulhuddart, it is disheartening to see them marred by regular dumping.

I am aware that Fingal County Council have an ‘adopt a patch’ scheme, and can provide litter picking equipment and will collect bags of rubbish. It would be great to get a group of volunteers together now and again to try and clean the place up, especially now that the evenings are getting longer.

Any assistance you could help me on getting the word out to potential volunteers would be great. Volunteers to mulhuddartlittergroup@gmail.com


Mulhuddart Litter Group (Facebook)

Icecream writes:

Passed by this this morning. I know littering is terrible, but given it’s Behan the empty box of Heineken is actually pretty appropriate. Also, why are there absolutely NO bins along that stretch of canal?


And, on a related note, Sarah Barry writes:

Walking up Harcourt Street Saturday afternoon thinking how nice Dublin looks and then see this next door to the Dean/Everleigh … Vile – be no harm putting extra bins there to avoid this…


Derek Haughton adds:

Here’s the bins on the grand canal of a couple of days ago.