Remember The ‘Suspected Terrorist’ Guy On The Aer Arann Flight


Of course you do.

Yeah, that guy.

Well, they’ve replied to his complaint with a rather pathetic letter (above) and he’s not very happy.

We like the last paragraph.

Response From Aer Lingus And Aer Arann To The Complaint I Made About My Treatment On Their Flight (Leo The Geek)

Thanks Bibi Baskin Robbins

23 thoughts on “Remember The ‘Suspected Terrorist’ Guy On The Aer Arann Flight

    1. Sir Lancelot

      Cheers for that reminder! Haven’t watched Holy Grail in donkeys. Gotta top up me Python levels to cope with this recession doom & gloom, all hail the silliness :)

  1. Donal

    Disgusting response.
    Airlines seem to have zero customer service these days. But they’d be giving out if we passed the picket no doubt.

  2. artvandelay

    tbh, that guy sounds like a complete bell end – this all kicked off because he didn’t want 8.90 in change? tool

    1. Rumpleforeskin

      He said “I don’t want 8.90 in change” and they got the guards to kick him off the plane? Seems a bit far-fetched..

  3. vector3

    Very one sided point of view taken on broadsheet. Reading the comments on the guy’s blog, another passenger on the flight said he was acting the boll*ox as well.
    We haven’t heard any other side of this story.

    1. Dave

      Assuming that is actually another passenger on the flight, there are also reports that other passengers on the flight also corroborated yer man’s side of the story.

      We won’t hear the other side because Aer Arann have closed off that avenue, and the air hostess has (conveniently) withdrawn her previous complaint to the Gardai.

      It’s a pity really, because as you say we are only getting one side.

      1. vector3

        Very true, it could be fabrication on the guy’s blog comments.
        There are bigger problems in the world than one possibly or not possibly true or untrue statement that he was the victim in this situation if that is what it really is, or not.

    2. McGrath's Domestos

      The other passenger (by his own admission, sitting in the seat behind the guy) said the guy was staring at the flight attendant. That was the crime that led to him being met on the tarmac by 4-5 police and airport security vehicles. The flight attendant later withdrew her complaint.

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