Because They Don’t Need Artificial Stimulation In Bray. Ahem.


Madam, – While I agree wholeheartedly with David Wilkins’s sentiments on the interrogation he received while trying to buy a packet of Solpadeine (August 6th), I don’t agree that the new restrictions on the purchase of over-the-counter codeine-based products are a good idea.I too have been made feel like a heroin addict when buying same, but I find for certain aches and pains the soluble codeine/paracetamol tablets are the quickest and best solution, and I can’t help wondering if people more sensitive than myself will simply change tack and over-medicate on simple paracetamol and aspirin remedies. – Yours, etc,


 Belton Terrace,

 Bray, Co Wicklow.

(Letters, The Irish Times, August 10)

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