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Free this evening?


In The People’s Park, Tullamore, county Offaly.

Johnny ‘Reggae’ Keenan (top left), a familiar face to viewers of Broadsheet on the Telly,  writes:

I’m doing my skankin’ Social Dis-Dancin’ today. Celebrating for 71 minutes the music and message of Bob Marley, in a public display of affection. To celebrate his 36 Years as a ‘Soul Rebel’ and to commemorate 40 Years as a ‘Legend’. I will play all the Bob classics (real classics for the real fans) from a speaker at the bottom of the People’s Park in town.

Bring your positive vibes and let’s get together!


Bring skins.

Bob Marley: 40th anniversary of the music pioneer’s death (BBC)

This afternoon.

Ten killed at Ballymurphy were ‘entirely innocent’, inquest finds (RTÉ)

Northern Ireland: Inquest slams British army over 1971 Belfast shootings (Reuters)


It’s all relative.

Behold: two very contrasting star clusters in a single field of view. To wit:

 M35, on the lower left, is relatively nearby at 2800 light years distant, relatively young at 150 million years old, and relatively diffuse, with about 2500 stars spread out over a volume 30 light years across. Bright blue stars frequently distinguish younger open clusters like M35. Contrastingly, NGC 2158, on the upper right, is four times more distant than M35, over 10 times older, and much more compact. NGC 2158’s bright blue stars have self-destructed, leaving cluster light to be dominated by older and yellower stars. In general, open star clusters are found in the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy, and contain anywhere from 100 to 10,000 stars — all of which formed at nearly the same time. Both open clusters M35 and NGC 2158 can be found together with a small telescope toward the constellation of the Twins (Gemini).

(Image: CFHT, Coelum, MegaCam, J.-C. Cuillandre (CFHT) & G. A. Anselmi (Coelum)


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From top: Alan McLoughlin; part of David Squires’ cartoon tribute in The Guardian today

This morning.

Guardian cartoonist David Squires pays a finely drawn tribute to beloved former Republic of Ireland midfielder Alan McLoughin, who died on May 4 at 54. Full cartoon at link below.

David Squires on … Alan McLoughlin, my first football hero (The Guardian)

Thanks Scottser

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Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly at Dublin Castle earlier

This afternoon.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said 34.5% of the adult population have received a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and 12.8% are fully vaccinated.

From today, people aged 52 years can register with the HSE for a Covid-19 vaccination.


The advice from the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) on the use of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and AstraZeneca vaccines in people under 50 is expected later this week, Minister Donnelly said.




Also: after you, etc.



Take a parachute.

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