‘Dublin Interactive’

A mural with a difference.

Brian Kenny, of Lightscape [a projection mapping & creative content studio based in Dublin] writes:

We developed this interactive wall mural to show us real time information about our neighbourhood.

Using projection mapping and interactive ink, it displays information about things like weather and transport links (more details at link below).

The ink is responsive to touch so you can order a pizza or a taxi by pressing on the graphic.

Dirty walls!

In fairness.

Dublin Interactive Mural (Lighscape)

Posted by Stev Aleksic on Friday, May 4, 2018


Steve Aleksic covers Blondie’s 1978 hit with vocals – pretty much as you’d expect – performed by a cat.

Easy now.


Petition on Uplift

A petition has been launched calling on the Government to reverse its plans to put an estimated two million documents relating to the work of three commissions out of the reach of the public for 75 years.

The documents are related to the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, the Residential Institutions Redress Board and the Residential Institutions Redress Review Committee.

Details of the plans to seal the documents emerged when Minister for Education Joe McHugh published the Retention of Records Bill in February.

The petition has been launched by Laura Collins, who is a daughter of an industrial school survivor.

Laura writes:

“This legislation cannot be passed. It goes against the FOI (Freedom of Information) Act.

“…If they lock these records away for 75 years, no one could investigate the cover-up which they created around the institutions and how they went on to further abuse survivors’ rights.

“They had gagged survivors during the Ryan Report so they cannot speak out. But we can, as their children. Please sign this petition and take a stand and help lift the blanket of secrecy. Thank you all.”

The petition can be signed here

This morning.

At the Grangegorman Primary Care Centre in Dublin.

Minister for Health Simon Harris and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar hold giant-sized cardboard ‘medical cards’ to launch the Budget 2019 changes which come into effect this week and next week.

Changes include a €10 reduction in the monthly Drugs Payment Scheme threshold from €134 to €124; a 10 per cent increase across all GP visit card weekly income thresholds; and a reduction in prescription charges from €2 to €1.50 for all medical card holders over the age of 70.


Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

At the Ireland V Gibraltar match in Gibraltar at the weekend

This afternoon.

On RTÉ’s Liveline.

Irish football fan Zino Kelly responded to an article in today’s Times Ireland edition which claimed some football fans are planning to hold a protest at the Ireland V Georgia match in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin tomorrow night.

The report said the protest will involve people throwing tennis balls onto the pitch.

But Mr Kelly claimed the allegation that people planned to throw tennis balls was from the “FAI propaganda machine”.

He said:

“It [the protest] will be interesting to see but it will definitely not tennis balls. Tennis balls, you know that’s trouble. I’d say you’d have to get on to the communications’ officer in the FAI to find out why, why that’s made the papers.

“Because it certainly didn’t come from supporters. And I’ve never heard of tennis balls at a match in Ireland before. So I think that’s a matter for the FAI to answer.”

He also said:

“For the last five years they’ve [FAI] been heavy handed – especially in the South Stand of Lansdowne Road and I think this is an excuse, when all the limelight is going to be on them tomorrow night.

“I think it’s a big excuse to continue that heavy-handedness by their stewards.”

Mr Duffy pointed out bags are normally checked at games as a matter of security.

But Mr Kelly said:

“They are indeed. But it’s a bit different when you go down to the singing section on the South Stand and there is, you know, there’s heavy searches and if you compare that to if you’re going to the West Stand and East Stand, there’s no searches.

“And this all stemmed from a protest 2014, when we were playing against the USA.

“…since then it’s always been more prominent in the South Stand.”

Mr Kelly also said he won’t return to watching Ireland play a home game, until John Delaney leaves the FAI “and indeed the whole board”.

He said:

“They have so many questions to answer.”

When he was reminded that Mr Delaney stood down from his role as CEO [but will take up the new role of executive vice president], Mr Kelly said:

“He’s still on their payroll and he still has as much, as far as we know, we don’t know how much influence he has, but to me, this is a made-up role and he is still the most powerful man in the FAI.”

Listen back here

Fans to stage Aviva protest over Delaney (The Times Ireland edition)

Earlier: Strange And Unusual

Pic: Richard Barrett

Tin-foil wrapped coverage of alleged Trump/Russia collusion in The Irish Times from last August (top) and last December (above).

“Russiagate” has been a news media obsession since Trump’s victory in November 2016.

The nonpartisan Tyndall Report pegged the total amount of time devoted to the story on the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS and NBC last year at 332 minutes, making it the second-most covered story after the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

According to a count by the Republican National Committee released Sunday, The Post, the New York Times, CNN.com and MSNBC.com have written a combined 8,507 articles mentioning the special counsel’s investigation.

The cable news networks, particularly CNN and MSNBC, have added hundreds of hours of discussion about the topic, too.

The story undoubtedly was an important factor in shaping voters’ perceptions before the 2018 midterm election, in which Democrats won control of the House.

But the conclusion of the inquiry has put a question once hazily debated into sharp focus: Did the mainstream news media mislead?

Only YOU can decide.

Conclusion of Mueller probe raises anew criticisms of coverage (Washington Post)

Saturday: ‘Closing In’

Behold: the Ares Design Panther Progettouno Coupe – a modern 650bhp V10, all wheel drive update of the legendary DeTomaso Pantera with the same engine and basic structure of the  Lamborghini Huracán along with a bespoke Alcantara, Nappa leather and carbon fibre interior.

Only 70 Progettounos (prices yet to be announced) will be made over the next five years.


UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove (above) has been touted to replace Theresa May as a possible ‘caretaker PM’

The Thing from Planet Gove

Its handshake is that of a slightly disreputable funeral director.
Its eyes those of an opinionated alligator
that sometimes reviews opera for the London Times.
Its mind is a free trade slaughterhouse, busy
making mincemeat, as cleanly as possible,
of other people’s children, bony old parents
and the occasional small business person
who was just wrong place, wrong century.

But its regular appearances on TV impress
the sort of people who have sexual relations
with their cars. Or their neighbours
cars. The female it dreams of is
Rupert Murdoch’s more withered sister
who lets it stand on its tippy-toes in a tutu
inherited from a former grandmother
who was briefly a dowager Duchess
until the unfortunate headlines
made her true position undeniable.

And it is written in Scripture
that at a time such as this
a thing such as this
would ascend to Earth and give us –
leaving god aside for the minute –
proof of Satan’s existence.

Kevin Higgins

Michael Gove’s allies scheme to parachute their man into No 10 (The Times)

Pic: Getty