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Minister for Health Simon Harris at this evening’s Department of Health briefing

Just now.

Gavan Reilly tweetz:

Simon Harris announces Government decision to require mandatory 14-day self-isolation on arrival at seaports and airports. Will take effect from next week.

“Living alongside the virus absolutely requires doing things differently…”


Mr Harris added:

“From my recollection, already we have a situation where over 70% of people are filling out the form, even though it’s an administrative basis. And I should say that doesn’t mean that 30% of people are saying they don’t want to fill out the form.

“In fact, quite the contrary and a very, very, very small number, I mean single digits-sort of thing on a day is what I’m talking about, not filling out the form.

“But it does mean that as long as it’s on an administrative basis, there’s, you know, it tightens it up I suppose, putting it on a mandatory footing. Now you have to have this form filled. Therefore, airlines, DAA, everybody needs to make sure that this form is in place.

“So you fill out the form, either before you arrive in Ireland or when you arrive in Ireland. You hand over the form to probably a member of the board of management unit. You can then be spot-checked for a phonecall. And if there is a suspicion or a concern, we have the ability for someone in a position of authority, probably a member of An Garda Siochana, to call to that address.

“I do need to say this though: I think it’s highly unlikely that that’s what will be happening in most cases. In fact that’s not what will be happening in most cases. In most cases people will be good and decent enough to tell us where they’re staying.

“And then, and this is a protection for them as well. I mean this is absolutely a protection for them as well, because if you were to find out that a case were to emerge and we needed to quickly contact trace people, we now have the ability. So I see this tool as a contact tracing tool, primarily.

“I also see it as a very clear messaging tool in relation to the fact that we should continue to avoid non-essential travel. And I also see it as another opportunity to remind every single person coming through our airports or our ports as to the fact that the public health advice is you should self isolate.”

There you go.

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One for the tykes.

Alan Nolan writes:

Award winning author of Blazing a Trail and Dare to Dream Sarah Webb has pulled together a group of authors, illustrators, scientists, sports people, actors and activists to do their own uplifting and inspiring virtual graduation speeches for Ireland’s 6th class students.– all of whom will be missing out in one way or another on the end of their primary education.

This group of luminaries includes Eoin Colfer, Sinead Burke, Paul Howard, Marita Conlon McKenna, John Boyne, Don Conroy and Dr Sindy Joyce among many others.

These videos will be launching tomorrow Saturday at 10am on the Childrens Books Ireland (at link below) website

Dr Seuss-inspired logo designed by yours truly…

In fairness.

Children’s Books Ireland


This afternoon.




Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan, a past pupil of Gonzaga College, Dublin

“It’s just a different style, you know, maybe newer people in the Greens might want him to go in and bang the table and roar at Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael all the time, that is not not his style and it’s just as effective as someone who goes in and roars the odds working with people…

Dermot Ahern… speaks really highly of Eamon Ryan… said he and Trevor Sargent were two of the most effective ministers of the recent decades and a lot of people round that cabinet table they really appreciated he could reach out and work across them…

…with Ryan they saw someone who reached across the table across subjects and was well able to work and, you know…

Someone who knows him a while says it’s kind of like that Gonzaga type, you know, patrician quality you know we will get things done, that himself, Brian Lenihan, Simon Coveney, they kind of have that ‘let’s get along and everything needs to be done’ mentality, but I think his method of working is conciliatory but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective.”

Fiach Kelly, Deputy Political Editor of the irish Times on the ’Inside Politics’ podcast with Hugh Linehan


Listen here