German educational design studio Kurzgesagt turns to a sobering truth of astrophysics: the fact that 94% of the observable Universe is so far from us that we will never go there, even if we achieve light-speed travel. To wit:

…there is a cosmological horizon around us. Everything beyond it, is traveling faster, relative to us, than the speed of light. So everything that passes the horizon, is irretrievably out of reach forever and we will never be able to interact with it again. In a sense it’s like a black hole’s event horizon, but all around us. 94% of the galaxies we can see today have already passed it and are lost to us forever.

And if that twists your melon, consider this: by the time you’ve watched the video, 22 million more stars will have drifted off beyond our reach.

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This afternoon.

Burton Road, Lepardstown, Dublin

The parents of a man who got married in Co Armagh this morning were earlier told by a judge to take down the marquee they had erected at their home. The planned wedding reception was in breach of existing Covid-19 regulations.

Sam Boal/RollingNews


How many guards?



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Interested in a battery-free future?

Your time has come.

MyVolts MD Luke Brennan (him off the telly!) writes:

Do you have something that you are tired of feeding batteries? Or would you like to put your Walkman on a permanent solar loop? Or just want to say goodbye to batteries forever?

Revolt (top) is our new system for retrofitting battery devices with USB and about to go live on Kickstarter.

If you would like to get a freebie cable with any campaign reward, visit this page: Maybe also tell us what you think about it in the comments?



From top: Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy; Gillen Markets

This afternoon.

During Leader’s Questions, Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy quoted to Taoiseach Micheal Martin directly from a note sent by Dublin-based financial advisory firm, Gillen Markets, to their investors.

She told the Dail:

“It said, and I quote: ‘The current high level of house prices and rents in Ireland’s residential property market have been driven in a significant way by the Government’s housing policy with favourable policies attracting institutional investors, such as Ires Reit, into the market.

“‘Their gradual move into the market has contributed to higher housing prices and, thus, higher rents.’”

“It continues: ‘Overall, the current housing policy has benefited both institutions and developers at the expense of individual buyers.

“‘The potential risk for institutions such as Ires comes from a potential change in Government policy.’”

Ms Murphy added:

“Now, Taoiseach, Gillen Markets’ assessment of your Government’s housing policy is among the most damning I’ve ever read, even if it wasn’t intended to be. And, your Government knew all about it.”

In June last, The Times Ireland Edition, published a lengthy article about it and, like any good journalists, they called the Department of Housing to get their reaction. So, Taoiseach, don’t say you weren’t warned – the warning came from the vulture’s mouth.

When firms like Gillen Markets give cuckoo funds warnings about risk, what they tell them is their biggest threat in this country is a wholesale change in government policy to an interventionist approach that boosts affordability.

…The key reason the Government decided to act was that you know the game is up. Mullen Park was only the catalyst – you know this will not be tolerated by those trapped in this situation any longer…

Taoiseach accused of ‘sitting on his hands’ as rents spiral out of control (Belfast Telegraph)


Last night.

Dr Laura McAtackney, an historical archeologist, joined Tuam campaigner Breeda Murphy and adoptee and activist Eunan Duffy to share her experience surveying the site of the Magdalene laundry in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 with survivors.

Laura, of Aarhus University, Denmark believes we should explore what happens to sites connected to institutions in terms of burials but also above ground.

This is the 17th show in a series with Breeda and Eunan and lawyer Frank Brehany, who was unable to join us this week, looking at all aspects of the Mother and Baby Home system in Ireland. They can be viewed here.

Last week: Crime Scenes

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This morning/afternoon.

BODGER. Get in here.

Former Sunday Independent columnist Eoghan Harris (left) and Belfast Telegraph crime correspondent Alison Morris

This afternoon.

Previously: Out Of The Mouth Of Babs



Irish Examiner journalist Aoife Moore initiates action.

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