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Did you ever think: Can we ever get the golden days back?

You might as well ask does the universe have a plan for us all? Of course we can. And you won’t need a bag of cocaine all you moaning minnies in the press gallery.

We can do it because we didn’t fight in two world wars to have young middle class couples tearing up their decking to make firewood. We didn’t smite Cromwell for property advertising to practically disappear overnight. We need to get back to who we truly are.

No. Not the undiagnosed bi-polar sufferers self-medicating on hops and yeast and sometimes poppy, of old. That was who we were in the 1980s. And do you want to go back there? Do you? To our darkest time since famines begun? Didn’t think so.

So. What can we do?

Well for a start you can start texting your favourite radio show and tell them how annoyed you are.

Write to websites like ours and tell those in charge what you think.

Beyond that, there is very little any of us can do.

But we’re here and we’re entrepeneurial. And we are primed for the smart economy. Our infrastructure will be our biggest selling point to the people in the markets and the ESRI.

Right now we’re shit and we are being laughed at a lot. But we needn’t always be shit and soon we could well have the last and final laugh.

And didn’t the poets write that he laughed the hardest. And the longest.

So there’s a country that needs rebuilding from the dust of a thousand developers’ dream apartment complexes.

Will you join us?

Will you work, like us, for nothing so we can get the skills to rebuild the bubble from the rubble?

Will you? Can you or your children afford not to? More like.

John Ryan.

Dalkey Island, off  Dalkey harbour in Dalkey. July 2010

Non serviam (weekends only)

Photo by Eamonn Farrell