Slide-Show EXTRA! Inside Stephen Ireland’s House




More pix. From tomorrow’s VIP magazine.

Stephen. With his girlfriend Jessica Lawlor at their crib in Chesire.

He got rid of the jeep with the pink wheels, but kept the pink room.

He put ‘Ireland’ on his pool table. Even though he’ll never play on it.

And, yes, the memes have begun.

Hey, fancy a closer look at the aquarium?

(Pix: Rich Tatum)

21 thoughts on “Slide-Show EXTRA! Inside Stephen Ireland’s House

  1. Stuart

    I know it says he doesn’t play on the table, but that aquarium is just waiting for a pool ball to kick up and hit it!

  2. Donna Allen

    Don’t know why you are cutting his home. I loved it, expecially the pink princess room, I would love to wake up in there everyday. Congrats to the child who has a great dad that would give her such a great room.

  3. Si

    Now I know why he won’t play for Ireland, he is to busy playing in the pink room. He should man up and get his international career going again. He’s already going down the tubes in the UK. He needs to sort his head out. Deep down I wonder If he is really happy.

  4. Gainsbourger

    Sweet Jesus, I hadn’t seen the ipad until now. In 20 years when we’re all robots is that going to be the equivalent of Daley Thompson posing with a Sinclair C5?

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