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The votes are in.

Following last week’s controversial St Patrick’s MAGA hat competition.

‘Spaghetti Hoopwins the ‘cap of shame‘ – following a tense electoral college run off – with the following verse:

Trumpsters wear red,
But my cap is green,
Would ye send it to Fermanagh,
As a gift to Arlene?


Trumpsters wear red,
But my cap is green,
Groper they said
But Bill ain’t clean

A bonus Trump ‘Make Low Orbit Great Again’ Space Force cap to Angela Broderick for the above ditty.

Thanks all.

Thank you to Johnny-NY for purchasing the caps.

Last week: Our Cap Overfloweth

Remains of the ‘Castle Folly’ at the former Bessborough Mother and Baby Home

“Maintenance work” began two weeks ago on a stone structure, known locally as the Castle Folly, which backs onto a burial plot on the grounds of the former Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in Cork.

Last month, Minister for Children Katherine Zappone said the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation had examined the home’s burial plot but had not conducted a geophysical examination of the site.

Further to this…

Ghost of Castle Folly

I should have left here long ago
I should have gone away
The cloth and gown have torn me down
A sorry thing to say
My walls were tall they kissed the sky
Below they kissed the clay
Evicted by those “Sacred Hearts“
Now I must go away

Hark, listen to those distant sounds
My ancestors in song
Their carriages and sailing boats
Once here have long since gone
Gone off to find another shore
Where they can be and stay
I must be off and follow them
I must be on my way.

Alas when I have reached that land
A far and distant shore
My ancestors will welcome me
And take me in for sure
The news that I relate to them
Will shake them to the core
You tore me down and slaughtered time
My walls they stand no more

John Gibbs

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