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Master of the High Court Ed Honohan

Orla writes:

Why is the mainstream media making a big deal about [Master of the High Court] Ed Honohan breaking internal windows in the courts (for ventilation).

This nothing story (not even novel on a whimsical level) made the front page of the Sunday Times and large parts of Mr Honohan’s interview with Sean O’Rourke [RTE Radio 1] this morning was taken up with it…SOR also seemed to take a swipe at him for [Honohan] involving himself in helping draw up a bill for[FF TD]  John McGuinness in regards to housing…

Am I missing something else here or is this story simply payback for Mr Honohan’s support for housing activists both inside and outside the courts? Pretty sad if this is all they have on him.

Master of High Court defends breaking courtroom windows (RTÉ)