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Did you stay up?

A big thank you to clockwise from top left: Seamus Maye, Olga Cronin, Johnny Keenan, Neil Curran, Vanessa Foran, Ciaran Tierney, Neil Curran, ‘Preposterous’ and Gemma O’Doherty (right) & Julie Grace, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show, produced by Neil, can be viewed in its entirety above.

Gemma, Seamus and Julie joined us live from the Change Makers anti-corruption public meeting in Galway where talks about a new political movement were developed.

Ciaran brought the EU Army into our Brexit debate (expanding on his blog post here) and with Vanessa, Johnny and Olga shared views on the Maurice McCabe documentary.

A little light swearing

Sadly, this will be the last Broadsheet on the Telly.

We would like thank all our panellists for giving their time and sharing their thoughts about Ireland over the past 18 months or so.

And thank you to everyone who watched the show. We could probably thank you all individually, such were our figures, and we may do so now we’ve ‘freed up’ Thursday nights.

But we hope our experience has not dented the idea of this format as a viable platform for different voices. It’s very simple and you could do a much smoother job than we have preposterously attempted. Should you wish to make your own show we will happily talk you through the process.

Thank you all very much.

Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly

Is unfiltered chat your ‘thing’.

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10pm streaming LIVE (above) and on our YouTube channel.

Join real people (not slick Prone-trained shills) as we pore over the news of the week from Ireland and ‘abroad’.

Topics under discussion will include Brexit, Repossessions, Tusla after Maurice and the thong consent protests in Cork and Dublin.

Some swearing.


Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly

Last week, with a Golden Discs voucher worth twenty five euros on offer, we asked you to reveal  your favourite song from a boyband.

Yes, we went ‘there’.

You replied in your tens.

But there could be only one winner.

In reverse order then….

Kriss Kross – Jump

Liam Deliverance writes:

‘Despite a deep love of great music, I have a bit of crush for Jump by Kris Kross because it was a seriously cool and super street rap song. Precise and sharp lyrics with an amazing video. We probably wouldn’t have the likes of Eminem today except for these two rapping rapscallions.

I never did get the Eagles baseball jacket that Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly wore in the video but me and my mate, when we were out of eye shot of me Ma, would take off our jeans and put em back on backwards and strut about as cool as you could be.

The oul lad in the local newsagents barred us from coming in with our jeans backwards, we think he thought it was some sort of shoplifting ploy, what did he know, the old square eh?’

East 17 – Deep

Cool Hand Lucan writes:

‘Despite a deep love of great music, I have a bit of crush for Deep by East 17 because it’s a soulful, upbeat rap-ballad that takes inspiration from the Trip-hop scene from the early 90s and has no place in a boy-band discography. Regarding the video, urban camouflage will always be cool.’

Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love To You

Janet I Ate My Avatar writes:

I will be big enough to admit that under the influence I might have played this but I’m off the gargle and happily immune to loosing my better judgement in the sentimental crooning of fit fellas

The Osmonds – Double Lovin’

Yep writes:

‘Despite a deep love of great music, I have a bit of a crush for Double Lovin’ by The Osmonds because when released in ’71 at the height of the free love movement, they solidified their place as the spearhead of the sexual revolution with a song that opens up the possibility of multiple lovers for women in this important time for sexual equality.

No longer did women have to pick a favourite member of their favourite pop group but could Now daydream about Donny AND Merrill taking them for picnics or the movies or whatever…’


Take That – Back For Good

Nigel writes:

‘Despite a deep love of great music, I have a bit of crush for Back For Good by Take That, because purely in terms of phonetics, the line ‘Got your lipstick mark still on your coffee cup’ is the aural equivalent of crack cocaine, just the sounds made by the words, all those perfectly spaced hard consonants clicking out of the speaker, still gives me shivers…

Thanks all.

Golden Discs

Last week: Love Them For A Reason

The recreation of a defensive barricade in Aleppo, Syria erected last year at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Berlin Aleppo

I’m a Dublin dog
Barking mad
The sky ripped with Chinese explosion
I’m a cat in Idlib
howling at the bloody moon
crisscrossed by irate fighter
I am a Raqqa rat
Loving it!
Glad we stayed
Unlike Aleppo foxes scuttling away
Some now thinking of return
We hear
But to what?
Fleeing over greedy land, heartless sea, bitter border guard and always the indiscriminate baton
The chorus:
”Fuck off home’
Angry spitting crowds bearing batons.
Cowering, why why enough enough
Others came with care and clothing
To be fair
And we were suspicious
cos they sought nothing in return.
Suspicious of kindness
But not far the noise, the noise
‘FUCK OFF HOME’ they roared
‘Where is my home? Do I have a home?’ my friend asked.
Then he went into the trees
Into the silence
Then in the quiet of night
A small window lured him
Into the still grand life of Berlin’s fabled Pergamon
There inside:
Ancient Aleppo
Before the dust
In all its quirky courtyard beauty
before the mosaic of madness
My dusty ruined friend
Here you are now .
Here we are now.
Both you and I together at last
at this forbidden time
This city that knows the destruction of ours.
I lie down and weep.
Amongst our pristine beauty
My roars, my tears, my howls, my art, my city, my country!
Roar as alarms shriek across Berlin city
And here some will say no gratitude
Other will pray for salvation.
Pray for salvation.

Kevin Barrington

Kevin Barrington

Pic: Getty

Developer Gerry Barrett (top) and the CIE site at Ceannt Station, Galway

G Van Helsing writes:

Are you able to explain how Galway developer Gerry Barrett was selected to develop the CIE site at Ceannt Station, a site of more than 8 acres in the centre of the city?

This is the same Gerry Barrett, NAMA alumnus, who last November was in the high court trying to stop a receiver being appointed to seven of his insolvent companies that owed Deutsche Bank almost 700 million euro.

How can this guy be given one of the biggest developments in the country when his existing companies seem unable to pay their debts? He even has a site that backs onto the CIE land. Nice and Handy!  If this is where failure gets you, why would anyone be bothered with success?