Meet Joe McNamara: Cement Truck Hero (Picture)



Joe McNamara, circled (Galway Advertiser), a 41-year-old developer (and pipe player) from Achill, Co Mayo, is the man who drove the cement truck to Leinster House this morning. He’s currently being held at Pearse Street Garda station. He has worked with the Niall Mellon Trust as a foreman in Capetown. More as we get it.

16 thoughts on “Meet Joe McNamara: Cement Truck Hero (Picture)

  1. Donal Haughey

    Joe McNamara we salute you.
    It is a pity you did nt have a full load of cement or even better a load of slurry

  2. michelle

    every person in this country should back joe up 100%.and should be protesting out side his next court apperance..and not let his actions be wasted!!!!

    1. Sean Mc Gloin

      Joe, fair play to you. It’s about time for drastic action against this corrupt government. I feel your desperation and pain. I have had to leave three young children behind me and go back to the us to save my house from these criminal banks. I wish you luck Joe.

  3. joe mcquire

    It is time for more direct action against this government and the bankers in ireland…demonstrations are not enough

  4. john doe

    no sympathy for this guy. He is a property developer who owes Anglo €3,500,000 who are now looking for it back – shock horror. Property developers were the main cause of this mess remember

  5. John King

    Have to agree with John Doe. He took out a loan for €3.5 that is now part of the €34billion bail out of Anglo. Everyone is supporting a person who is part of the problem who took out a loan and now cant pay it back.

  6. Stop Blaming the Banks

    FINALLY, I find like minded people with John Doe and John King. The rest of you are clueless and jumping on the “Blame the Banks” bandwagon. Just because the banks were giving it didn’t mean the developers and regular home owners had to take it and TAKE TAKE TAKE is what this country did, now it’s payback time. While I agree some banks recklessly lent and should be held accountable they didn’t have a gun against anyone’s head. If you’re going to play the blame game, include Valuers, Estate Agents, Planning Authorities, the Government and most adults living in the state who recklessly spent and made poor investment decisions. We’re all to blame, it’s time to take some personal responsibility!!!

  7. No Pitty

    I agree with John King and Co. These developers had accountants who told them what they could or could not spend. Yet they borrowed beyond their means driving up property prices on their way up. They lived the life style you or I will never see the likes of (unless we win the lotto). Mr McNamara is one of those developers, is one of those who had the houses, cars helicopter, amazing holidays etc. Yes he went to South Africa, but all money given to charities comes back to the companies through tax. It is deductable, not coming out of their pockets. People are sending this man money for his legal fees. His solicitor has offered his service free. Please don’t let him make fools of those who now have to pay for his greed.

  8. Linda Cowap

    I agree with John King and Co. These developers had accountants who advises them on what they could or could not spend. Yet they borrowed beyond their means, not just from 1 bank but many. They drove up the property prices on their way up. They lived the lives that you or I would not see (unless we win the lotto). Mr McNamara is one of those developers. He had the cars, the houses, amazing holidays and a helicopter. He had it all, yet he wanted more. He went to africa and gave to charities, but all this is TAX deductable, does not come out of his peronal pocket. Same for all companies.People are sending this man money for his legal fees, his has no fees. The solicitor offered his service free. Don’t let this man make fools of the Irish people who are left paying for his and others like him because of their own greed. We don’t go round damaging property that others own, what would the country be like if we did. Gentlemen or not, what he did was wrong.

  9. Achillite

    I am from Achill (our so called Hero’s) home place and have seen first hand what he has done and its not charity work like South Africa. He and his Chronies have left a gaping hole (construction site) in the heart of our tourist district – its been like that for years, and its a disgrace. He is not a hero – just a greedy jumped up little builder who thought he was something special – Wrong – hes back to where he belongs a nobody! He and his like are the reason this country is gone down the tubes – all for greed.

  10. Toni bangton

    Aren’t you the same Linda cowab that was on the sun paper last week . You contradicted yourself so many times I am surprised they printed it . But judging by your level of intelligence , the sun paper is probably the only paper that would print your sad story . For the three years you and your waster of a boyfriend was living in macnamara’s house and not paying rent , were you claiming rent allowance . And if you have such a valuable property in your home place , why don’t you sell it and buy your own place . But why would you when it is cheaper to squat in somebody else’s property. I sent a copy of the sun to the welfare fraud office , if you are above board , get a life. If you are a welfare cheat , you deserve all you get . As for the rest of you that are critical of macnamara , why don’t you do something instead of knocking him , he may not be pure , but at least he did something .

  11. Linda Cowap

    In reply to Toni Bangton, no, I am the Linda COWAP. I must make it clear that I never ever squatted in any property in my life. Feel free to send what you want to SW. Unlike Jo McNamara I am not a fraud. And by the way, unlike Joe, I do not get other people to talk for me. In relation to living in his house, I was lead to believe that his brother had bought it. It was only in 07 I found out that he did not.. As for living in the property rent free, Mr Joe McNamara paid his brother with 2 cheques, which Joe himself admitted bounced and said that what he owed his brother would pay the rent (and a lot more) I am not going to enter in to petty remarks like yours. (I have the cheque numbers). I would not be surprised if you are a friend or relative vetting anger. That is your free will. You really don’t know anything about me from what you have written. The Sun paper came to my door not the other way round. My house is for sale and has been for some time and I did offer to swap it or pay rent when I found out what was going on. The house needs a lot of work. Perhaps I should tell the papers more clearly what went on and give them all the paper work and text messages I have, perhaps you might find, I had reason to tell the papers the truth (even if it is the Sun). You obviously read it. I have only ever bought 1 copy, that was last week. How can he be living on the breadline, when he is living in a penthouse? When He put me and my kids out of the house we thought was our home, I did not get a cement truck and run it into his gate, nor did I protest outside any of his many properties. Imagine what the country would be like if everyone did what he did. It would be utter chaos. We all want to take action sometimes and I did what Joe did, but with words. “If you borrow something, it has to be given back”

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