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RDS, Ballsbridge, Dyublin 4

Pupils from St Kieran’s College in Kilkenny and their BT Young Scientist project aimed to create ‘a mathematical model to predict match outcomes at senior inter county and schools level without the use of final scores‘.

In fairness.

Minister for Sport Shane Ross at an Oireachtas Sports Committee this morning

This morning.

Via RTÉ:

The Minister also stated that if the FAI were to go under, his “guess” would be that the League of Ireland would go with it.

Minister Brendan Griffin said the FAI’s debts are €62 million — not €55 million — when funding and loans owed to UEFA are taken into account.

The future of the league will be part of the topics discussed in a planned meeting between the Government and UEFA in January.

Earlier, it was revealed an independent audit into the FAI has said that the organisation is not fit to handle public funds.

FAI were seeking €18m in bailout deal – Ross (RTÉ)

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Above from left: Paddy Power, Ruby Walsh and Tom Nugent


This morning.

Abbey Street, Dublin 1.

Bookie Paddy Power, jockey Ruby Walsh and keen-eyed punter Tom Nugent launch of Paddy Power Media’s  weekly podcast ‘From The Horse’s Mouth’, which debuts on all platforms from December 19.

Rachael Kane writes:

Every week, record-breaking jockey Ruby Walsh will join Paddy Power, the face of well-known bookmaking firm Paddy Power. Horse racing aficionado Tom Nugent will also muck in with some informative, highbrow and thought-provoking content… ah who are we kidding?

Prepare for banter-filled, controversy-fuelled debate and a distinct possibility of some stand-up rows.

‘From The Horse’s Mouth’ will feature some of the biggest names in the game each week, kicking off with BBC Racing legend Cornelius Lysaght for the debut show…

From The Horse’s Mouth

Pics: Karen Morgan

Former FAI CEO John Delaney and Sports Minister Shane Ross

This morning.

Sports Minister Shane Ross gave an interview on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland when he was asked if was “bailing out” the Football Association of Ireland.

In response, he said:

“I hate that sort of expression. What we’re doing at the moment is we are looking after the €2.9million which we give, which we have been giving to the FAI. We’ve withdrawn that funding and what we’re going to do there, is ensure that that gets to the small clubs.

“We’re going to absolutely ensure that that gets to the players, to the grassroots, and that it doesn’t go near the FAI because the FAI… bail-out is a very pejorative word. But it’s a basket case.

“And to ask the Government to come in and bail it out, when we don’t even know the extent of the black hole there, it’s an appalling vista and to ask us to bail it out? No. That’s not going to happen.

“We want to protect taxpayers’ funding. We also want to protect the grassroots. They’re the important people. We’re interested in football, not so interested in the FAI.

Listen back in full here

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Pic: RTÉ


This morning.

The World anti-doping agency has voted unanimously to ban Russia from international sport for four years for doping offences.

Russia now have 21 days to appeal the sentence, which would see the country banned from participating at next summer’s Olympics in Tokyo and the Qatar World Cup of 20

Russia banned from Tokyo Olympics and football World Cup (The Guardian)