An Appeal On Behalf Of ‘The People’s Museum’



The Little Museum of Dublin, which opens in June, is looking for rare and offbeat items to fill two large Georgian rooms on Stephen’s Green.

They are on the lookout for letters, documents, album covers, posters, pamphlets, pens, mugs, drawings, paperweights, bus tickets, concert stubs…anything from any period that can help showcase Dublin as it was and is lived. Items such as the – possibly staged – photo above of an ‘Irregular’ arresting a Free State Officer during the War of Independence Civil War will go on loan to the museum, or be politely returned.

Bodger’s just sent in his much-loved ‘strand of Phil Lynott’s afro’.

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2 thoughts on “An Appeal On Behalf Of ‘The People’s Museum’

  1. woesinger

    Eh – don’t you mean the Civil War? Or is De Valera’s ghost blogging here these days?

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