Ewok: GREAT News!

Hyde: Dude, the only server we can afford crashes whenever we put a photograph of Georgia Salpa up.

Ewok: Yes, but…

Hyde: Soon it’s going to cost millions to rent a server that can manage traffic of any moderate size.

Ewok: But..

Hyde: And the only people who will be able to afford these super-servers will be Denis O’Brien and the O’Reilly family. And the journal.ie massive.

Ewok: Ah. Well, actually. Yes, I meant to tell you about that. I’ve applied for the deputy editor’s job with the massive.

Hyde: So, you want to be all shiny and head-girly at the Journal. Like seeing your name in lights.

Ewok: It’s real money.

Hyde (swivels around on beanbag): They PAY?

[To Be Continued]

Global Internet Traffic To Quadruple By 2015 (Mashable)