11 thoughts on “More Stunning Pictures Of Profoundly Stupid People

  1. Mr Meh

    Insane pictures- what the fuck were the police doing? Really shocked this could happen in Vancouver of all cities.

  2. Mods&Rockers Brighton

    Ha ha ha. Michael Moore, where are you now with your movies about how great Canada is?

  3. Ed Van der Hoff

    I love the last picture. They happily smash windows, burn cars, loot, pillage the whole works, but whatever you do, don’t spell FUCK on your banner because you might offend…?

    Oh, and a very good morning to all the members of the Vancouver Police Department who are currently viewing these and all the other online pictures of a bunch of deranged (and not particularly well-disguised) clowns.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Take note Orieldude… that could be your crowd yet…….

    I might skip along to that qualifer

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