13 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Pete Murphy

    In fairness, I think I pinched it from a Dara O’Briain tweet earlier today, but thanks for re-posting!! Kids these days don’t get that sort of religious mind conditioning, I mean, education!

  2. Fat Frog

    Well we know there is nothing God likes less than an unbaptised baby- that is why they have to spend eternity in purgatory if they die. God kicks unbaptised baby ass!

  3. Stewart Curry

    God used to love the beetles the most but then John Lennon came out with that “bigger than Jesus” shit so now he’s all about the unbaptised babies. With Reggae Reggae sauce.

    1. Fat Frog

      All that George Harrison Hare Krishna Guru Rama stuff helped in their fall from God’s favour. After all He is the One True GOD and he really hates all these god wannabees. God the Father or the Godfather? You decide.

  4. Xiao Liu

    This is a shop. I can tell by some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time.

    1. The Truth

      I think abbreviating ‘photoshop’ to “shop” does not help. A shop is where we buy our taytos. I have seen a few shops and been in lots of them!

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