16 thoughts on “Bodger’s New T-Shirt

  1. james

    these people are more than likely 18 starting this course. This article implies they are somewhat dumb for not knowing everything that Mr. Kinsella seems to. And what the hell is basic kinsella.another arrogant stooge…

  2. RJ Hartley

    There was a time when a typo in a newspaper was a sacking offense. But that was when there were proper typesetters and compositors who could tell the difference between Times New Roman and Times Roman.

    Now you have some ‘journalist’ with a degree from some private college who’s on Facebook talking about their new bag and proof-reading at the same time.

  3. Bobby Sands RIP Up the IRA Untied Ireland

    Is there a university in Dublin I’d love to visit my great great grandfather was from Ballysomewhere, do any of you guys know where that is? Say hi to my cousins the Evans’s if you do.

  4. Mark

    Made all the more funny to us DCU people after the server crashing, and the long wait for results today!

  5. seimiq

    School report came through this week saying that our 13 year old ‘needs to pay more attention to grammer’…

  6. red and black

    I would have thought the context for this was the DCU website crashing today when the results were put online.

    They put the results for all under grads and post grads up at the same time, mid morning with no other way to access them aside from the website. Hence they get huge volumes of traffic and the website crashes. It took most people a couple of hours to get their results.

    Happens every results day.

    They never learn.

    1. Wizard of OZ

      In Australia, the Federal Government released a new schools website to the whole country, (pop. 23M), at the same time. It crashed – surprise, surprise. Pretty rudimentary stuff!

  7. Cianmm

    The original context is indeed the servers going down while we were trying to get our results, but the context provided here makes this nugget I found on Boards.ie even more hilarious! Wish I’d thought of it to put it in the tweet.

  8. Colm

    Knowing Broadsheet and their Irish Time typos, it’s rather ironic that the new editor was one of the first graduates from this DCU course.

    Is that a good or a bad omen for the future of IT typos?

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