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Not happy.

Taken outside the Dail this afternoon following a three-and-a-half-hour meeting to decide if Fianna Fail would run a candidate in the presidential elections.

They won’t. Much to the visible discomfort of Eamon O’Cuiv, putative candidate and Eamon De Valera’s grandson, pictured with Fianna Fail parliamentary party colleagues (from left, bottom pic): Darragh O’Brien, Micheal Martin, O Cuiv and Sean O Fearghail.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


RTÉ News has seen details of radical new measures under consideration by Government to help tackle the housing debt crisis.

People facing repossession may be able to rent their homes from the State after they have lost ownership of the properties.

This could allow people stay in their homes after the houses or apartments were repossessed. As they would no longer own their home, they then would rent it – possibly from the State itself.


And this is the bit we don’t understand:

Consideration is also being given to measures to allow people who are already in negative equity to trade up if they can sustain a larger debt.


Homeowners In Arrears Might Rent From State (RTE)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

US Cardiologist Dr William Davis has things to say (and a book to sell) about wheat.

You know: evil, mutant, genetically modified, killer wheat – bringer of disease and death:

‘…from celiac disease, the devastating intestinal disease that develops from exposure to wheat gluten, to an assortment of neurological disorders, curious rashes, and the paralyzing effects of schizophrenia. Documented peculiar effects of wheat on humans include appetite stimulation, exposure to brain-active exorphins (the counterpart of internally derived endorphins), exaggerated blood-sugar surges that trigger cycles of satiety alternating with increased appetite, the process of glycation that underlies diseases and aging, inflammatory and pH effects that erode cartilage and damage bone, and activation of disordered immune responses.’

‘There’s hardly a single organ system that is not in some way affected by wheat products. The health impact of Triticum aestivum, common bread wheat and its genetic brethren, ranges far and wide, with curious effects from mouth to anus, brain to pancreas…’

Right. D’you want the rest of this bagel?

Wheat Belly – Book Review (FatHead)


The Guardian’s Lisa O’Carroll writes:

Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross reckons Ireland will the first European nation to recover from the sovereign debt crisis and “will once again become the Celtic Tiger”.

His buyout firm, WL Ross and Co, has already staked a claim on Ireland’s future fortunes by taking equity in Bank of Ireland along with four other investors, helping it avert full nationalisation.

But his use of the phrase Celtic Tiger may rankle with many who think the moniker symbolises an economy out of control.

Still, he’s pretty confident.

“We like Ireland very much because, unlike the Club Med countries, it doesn’t need structural reform of the economy,” Ross said in an interview with CNBC.

“All it really needs is to get through the financial crisis that was caused when its banks went berserk. But Ireland’s fundamentals are still there.”

Ireland will once again become the Celtic Tiger.”

Wilbur. Man. Will you STOP saying that?

 Ireland will be ‘Celtic Tiger’ again – Wilbur Ross (Guardian Ireland Business Blog)


An award winning and beautifully scored tilt shift day in the life of NYC by photographer, director and VFXer Sam O’Hare.

Original music: composed by Human, co-written by Rosi Golan and Alex Wong.

 (Thanks Emmet)