The Cast Of TV3’s ‘Tallafornia’


Taken at the TV3 Autumn 2011 schedule launch literally minutes ago.

Thanks Carlos

86 thoughts on “The Cast Of TV3’s ‘Tallafornia’

  1. bozo

    could say it embodies everything I hate about modern irish television and culturre in general.I won’t.I’ll say instead *DIE! DIE! DIE!*

  2. Nixors

    I’ve done a photoshoot with the girl on the right. Crikey. Im in a bit of shock here.
    This is real right?

    1. VinLieger

      Whoah, bit harsh there? hes been doing his thing for way longer than this shit has been cool. The real culprit in all of this is so called MTV


    Do we not have enough of a bad name already now these muppits or going to make a HOLLLLY SHOW !!!

  4. The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.

    Let’s do this Broadsheeters!!! Come onnnnnn!

    The posh kick back..

    Honours Maths Mews.

    It’ll be a killer.

  5. Brian

    WOW. as if tallaght hasn’t suffered enough. I think i might have to move. Maybe there’s a flat in Fade street going.

    1. Kevin

      Do you have nothing better to be doing with your life that writing this nonsense online?* Lesson here kiddo – nobody gives a fck.

      * well aware of the irony here

  6. Cholice Ketteridge

    The guy in the white t-shirt is from Rathcoole & he’s hitting 30, I’d imagine only 1 or 2 are from Tallaght, the rest of them are probably blow ins.

    1. Kevin

      Do you have nothing better to be doing with your life that writing this nonsense online?* Lesson here kiddo – nobody gives a fck.

      * well aware of the irony here

    2. Funbelievable

      And your writing personal details about someone on-line to try and put them down. Who’s worse?? Tit

  7. LeeLee

    OMG! I’m from Tallaght and deffo WON’T be tuning in, I reckon it will make a holy show of the area – nothing wrong with most of Tallaght just the usual bad apple estates give the whole place a bad name so why peddle this sh*te to make us a laughing stock

    1. Clarke d'Hazarde

      You could have omitted telling us where you’re from. Using ‘deffo’ tells us everything we need to know about you. Now close your mouth and get your hand out of your tracksuit.

  8. SB Hot

    Jealousy is rising in ppl already, O typical Irish ! so wot if ppl look good, it doesnt happen by accident, two words guys – Gym & diet.

  9. FOB

    Are they having a f**king laugh? What.. I don’t even get how this could have even been proposed as an idea in the first place. This isn’t a thing! THIS IS NOT A F**KING THING!

  10. John

    What is with your complex distortions of the contextually insignificant, I am from Tallaght and i have just stolen a dictionary off your maaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Prada Meinhof

    Oh roysh, loike that’s so cool. Just loike Rosser, roysh? Except Rosser and his author are about 10 years past the time. Just like this show. Another lame idea from Tv3 media execs who of course live in… Dalkey.

  12. Kevin

    These shows will cease to exist when people stop watching them. In fact just stop watching TV3…or even better the idiot box entirely. I’m done with this place. Enjoy your recession and your failed country…

    1. Liam

      Brilliant. Someone claiming that TV3’s new season schedule is actually the final straw in their decision to emigrate! I’m just imagining that comment being typed in the departures lounge at Dublin Airport.

  13. Frank

    For the love of Kryste… right, that’s it, I am ditching UPC and installing Freesat. No chance of me accidentally watching this tripe then

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