We Go INSIDE Ireland’s First Men’s Magazine


The men’s magazine whose logo was two women crouched in a box, weeping.

Yes! Brand New Retro has scanned in a few pages from the third issue of Man Alive, Ireland’s first men’s magazine dated August 1974.

Sadly the ‘Porn on the Cob’ feature may have proved literally unscannable. Also the restaurant reviews appear to have been written by your dad in a really bad mood.

“The wenches serving [in Captain America’s] are usually braless. Avoid weekends. Too many glass-eyed hippies sipping milkshakes.”

“Put it together piece by piece and wait for the action!”

Kathy Fogarty: hipster soft-porn. Clothes: Literally photographer’s own.

Hugo: “Gay”, apparently.

The River Dargle. Nippy.

Man Alive (Brand New Retro)

Thanks Zippy67