Gay Mitchell: Shaking Up The Youth Vote


“A fist bump you say?

“Too slow! Ha ha.”

“So I can count on your vote next… Is he asleep?”

Presidential-hopeful Gay Mitchell and members of Young Fine Gael (Ginger Wing) campaigning at the top of Grafton Street within the last 30 minutes.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

29 thoughts on “Gay Mitchell: Shaking Up The Youth Vote

  1. bisted

    You can tell they are from the extrovert wing of Young FG because they are looking at your shoes instead of their own.

  2. Louis

    Next he’ll be canvassing the gayers with Lady Macbeth sorry Lucinda to get a slice of the Norris cake although he’ll make sure to get a bit of holy water on him beforehand…

  3. zero

    That they could even think about backing a fake gay over a real gay for president, and the fake gay is a mitchell, really says it all about the gingers. No wonder sperm banks dont want them.

  4. Dash rickwood

    Will the criminal activities of Gay’s cousins, Grant and Phil not cause him some strife over the course of the election?

  5. paddy de plastered

    Saw a bunch of these lads hanging aground saturdy’s Leinster match like a bad smell.
    Where does he get them? Do Opus Dei do cabbage rentals?

  6. jase

    Who are these young fogies? I don’t know anyone in their twenties who’ll vote for Gay Mitchell, let alone canvass for him.

    1. Louis

      By the looks of things these chaps are born to be middle aged. Then again this would be nothing compared to the apocalyptic images of “Dana meets her youth campaigners”, a more accurate rendering of which would read “Dana meets Youth Defence”…*sudder*.

  7. Minderbinder

    Could they not have found some remotely photogenic members of YFG for the promo pics?

    Throw Georgia Salpa in one of those tshirts and they might have gotten some good media coverage!

    1. jase

      They couldn’t have Georgia around, unless they could have a mobile confession box on-site. The loin-stirrings she’d provoke would require immediate purgings of conscience by these young christians…

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