14 thoughts on “Getting Old Now

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    moving is a good job if you can get it, being a good mover does take some smarts and skills, this is not really comparable with stacking shelves.

    1. f-man

      I want to see how the bad job gets before someone on Broadsheet doesn’t post “ah fair play it’s good experience like”

      bathroom soap application technician internship?

      table clearance and crockery recycling engineer?

  2. Action Man

    Regardless of what these employers are doing by applying for interns, what the fcuk are FÁS doing by posting them on the website?!?

    Who is moderating the site and approving these applications?

  3. Soul Trader

    Doesn’t this amount to enslavement? Aren’t there European Laws to protect against this sort of exploitation?
    Why are the Fine Gael / Labour government facilitating enslavement?

  4. keith

    I agree with Action Man, who the bloody hell is moderating these postings???

    Going forward, I propose this, in all seriousness ( LITERALLY) :

    If any company/business etc posts another ridiculous, cheeky and frankly condescending vacancy via the jobbridge scheme, the said individual should be fined for exploitation of the scheme.
    There should be an exploitation clause that all employers must agree to and sign before making a formal application.
    (Of course, this is the lesser of 2 evils, if it was my way, Job Bridge should be scrapped; it’s giving all wealthy employers the perfect scapegoat to get FREE LABOUR!)


    1. Soul Trader

      “ridiculous, cheeky and frankly condescending vacancy” – Oh yeah they should be punished – just like Seanie Fitz – they should be made to suffer.

  5. Over qualified

    OK, so this is a relatively OK offer

    – come learn how to pack boxes, and when we know you can do the job we might hire you.

    But the company wanting to get 9 months of free (sorry, fifty squid a week) work is a bit rich. Unlike the poor sod who works for the nine months on the promise that they can *ghasp* apply for the job. He/She won’t be rich.

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