Do You Have A Photo That Neatly Sums Up The Election?


You’re most welcome.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

34 thoughts on “Do You Have A Photo That Neatly Sums Up The Election?

  1. Freezer

    happy for MD but the fact is that McG made up a load of rubbish about SG and no one even questioned it…….

      1. Freezer

        I’m hardly crying about it and I gave SG my 6 and McG my 7 so I don’t really care but it is true that McG lied about SG.

        1. Mr M

          Yeah right, he made it all up. Somehow nobody challenged him and he didn’t vehimently deny it so MMG had his facts right as equal as the woman in the questiontime audience!!

        2. brownbull

          well I have heard from a reputable source that the stuff about taking fees from GAA and other sports clubs to ‘handle’ Sports Capital and Lotto grant applications when FF held the purse is true and far more rampant and flagrant than thought, methinks the moratorium couldn’t have come any sooner for him as this way he loses the race but still has some credibility

          1. Freezer

            brownbull – I agree with you on the above and just to clarify – i am not in any way a supporter of SG I just think that McG was blatantly lying about SG and no one in the mainstream media challenged him on blatant untruths.

          2. IrelandGuy

            Well Freezer, it looks like your on your own on this point.
            I wasn’t made up by MmG it was just tactfully held until the last debate,

        3. paul

          sorry Freezer, he wasn’t lying, they all challenged him. the only one lying was Seanie, and saying that Morgan was investigated by CAB could see legal action launched by Morgan. Deep, deep trouble he was in alright.

          the local clubs thing is really the tip of the iceberg. get onto some of the political forums *intake of breath and apologies to Chompsky et al* like there’s a mine of info there and it was coming out well over a week ago, that’s where the donations story came from. The indo had asked him about it before the weekend and he refused to answer, that’s why he ‘knew’ about it when they came back from the ad-break, it was far from an ambush. there’s a lot more out there.

          as it happens Income tax filing deadline is today…wonder how that would have worked out next week.

    1. Tulkinghorn

      What are you on about? Morgan says that Gallagher solicited and collected a cheque. McGuinness got the chronology wrong and said once that he collected the cheque after the event; Morgan says he collected it beforehand. McGuinness accepts this. Gallagher and Fianna Fáil focussed on the timing of when the cheque paying for access to the Taoiseach was collected. The timing doesn’t seem to me to be the most important aspect. He is a spiv and a chancer. Glenna Lynch and Martin McGuinness made that clear.

      1. Freezer

        Morgan says x McG says Y – how naive of me not to believe a convicted smuggler from Armagh and Sinn Fein……..

        1. Niall

          Very niäve of you to believe a FF gombeen man.

          He can have no complaints, he lied to the Irish people.

          He and his party are a fuKing disgrace.

  2. Barbara McGovern

    we have stupidly allowed mcguinness to dictate who would be the winner in this election. with typical sf deviousness he pulled a last minute ambush. kenny made a huge mistake in reading out an unsubstantiated tweet in the middle of a debate. very unprofessional and he should be rebuked on this.

    1. Tom Red

      No. We haven’t allowed McGuinness to dictate anything. Plenty of dodgy happenings surrounded Gallagher already and the electorate should be finding out the facts for themselves.

    2. John X

      McGuinness dictated nothing. Have a little faith in the intelligence of people of Ireland. The electorate made their minds up and voted accordingly. Fair play to all who threw their hat in the ring.

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