Meet The End Occupy Dame Street Dude


Frank McQuade who owns two shops opposite the Occupy Dame Street protest camp, including Sharpsville (above) literally this afternoon. He’s asking protesters to go home, to “save jobs being lost”.

Damn middle-aged hipsters.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

36 thoughts on “Meet The End Occupy Dame Street Dude

    1. Teresa

      So business owners and their employees facing unemployment by Occupy Dame Street is not a concern? Let me guess to you they’ll only be another statistic to show how anti government and cool you are. I’m young, working class and my family was hit hard by the recession but we found jobs. Maybe there is not half a million jobs going in this country but there are some and there are places (ie call centers) desperately looking to recruit staff but most people feel above that.

  1. sgfd

    His shop is doing such bad business that he’s had to use the newspaper to write his protest messages on!

  2. Yer man there

    I’d imagine most of the fecking people who buy stuff in his shop would be sympathetic to the Occupy movement. Is he actually losing his job?

          1. atswim

            Think the others are gone now. Flip is gone. The only one left is the one he is standing in called “Sharpesville”

  3. GrandOld

    What an utter clown. Your business is down mate because you still sell those fall-apart flares you have made in Bangkok and you treat your customers like dirt…if my experience is anything to go by. Free tip: try appealing to your customers and not talking down to them. You live in Dalkey ffs not Knightsbridge.

  4. Muffy

    I buy alot of things in Flip, if it’s the same guy that owns Flip, I’m afraid I shall take my business elsewhere!

  5. Jonathanocm

    A publicity stunt that I hope works out for him. Sit back and lose three of my businesses OR generate a bit of hype about them. I’d gladly piss off a few protesters and get a bit of flack on Broadsheet if I thought it would help.

  6. Philly

    I’ve been a customer of his for some time and he’s genuinely a nice, polite guy who gives people good deals – but it’s not a great idea to get so public about this, especially when he sells the kind of clothes the Occupy-supporting type folk (most young people) quite like. I get where he’s coming from, fearing for his business and that, but I think there’s more to it than Occupy.

    1. Major Thrill

      Yeah, I’ve been in there a couple of times and always found him very pleasant to deal with and fairly sensible prices for coats and whatnot.

  7. Evan

    What an eejit. Does he not know that they are fighting against big businesses? Not small business owners like him, if anything their message, if it was followed, would greatly help him by evening the playing field.
    Either he’s doing it for attention or he’s a brainwashed tabloid reader…don’t know what’s worse

  8. Hollywood

    I saw this when I was in Dublin last week… I really was wondering what the hell the story was. I do hope he’s told *exactly* what time it is by those who shopped there…

      1. hoopla

        What day dear, the days when we had money or the days when we were in nappies. Speak clearly, there’s a love/

  9. General Waste

    So are you lot seriously taking the side of the anti-democratic crusty protestors clogging up our public space against a small businessman who has to put up with their unwanted presence every day? Jesus H, this country is really is messed-up.

  10. Thomas

    The Occupy camp is taking the piss. The few tents at the front and their little meeting hall but htey have loads of empty tents in front of his business What gives the occupy crowd a monopoly on the use of a public space. The Central Bank Plaza was one of the main meeting points for a certain section of Irish youth and now its covered in their mostly empty stinking tents.

  11. dhaughton99

    I thought he would appreciate the business from Kamp Krusty. I popped into his shop over Christmas with my niece. 60 euro cords smelling of damp and incense. No ta.

  12. Dan

    I go to the barbers two doors down, the lads in there want Occupy out as well. In fairness, it does make the place look like a poor man’s Marrakesh. They’re trying to make a living and those idiots in tents aren’t helping.

  13. iknowthatbloke

    I used to have to serve that idiot in a shop in foxrock I worked in. I can understand how he isn’t for the protests. Definitely a 1%er (even if I do hate the term)

    On the radio today he sounded like he hasn’t lost any of his intolerance or ignorance in the last years although his foxrock/D4 accent seems to have tamed a bit.

    Yet another reason I will never shop in his shops.

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