Today’s Imponderable


Taken literally minutes ago at Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

What are these people promoting?

Lines close at 4.45pm

4.57pm Update: The answer is the launch of Metro Express (a new service which “combines 30mb of broadband and phone for €30” hence the big ’30’) with Colm Piercy, CEO of Digiweb Group and model Tara O’Farrell.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

35 thoughts on “Today’s Imponderable

  1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    now THAT’s an irish model! unless she’s russian or something

    1. Three Broadsheets to the Wind

      God if that’s how they chose to promote it they’ll be getting some sternly worded letters. What a sham.

  2. beardy man-child

    Extra marital affairs?
    Common age of the onset of erectile disfunction in men?
    Her IQ score?
    Herbal Tea?
    This weeks LeCool cover?

    1. Rallington

      And that Sir is what truly makes you an idiot…

      Who cares what they’re “promoting”?

      Why is Ireland the only place in the world that uses a girl in a bikini on a city street to ‘promote’ some day or other tat?

      It’s embarrassing as a nation…

      1. Cormac

        chillax man, its just a hot wpman! you don’t have to look at her if you don’t like that sort of thing!

      2. cluster

        Fairly sure, Ireland is not the only country in the world that uses scantily clad women to advertise. Our models probably do wear more fake tan than the median.

  3. Rita

    Looks like the PR person failed to get the permission to take the pics in Stephen’s Green Park on time. The old loop hole of taking them outside the park works every time

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