33 thoughts on “Homeopathetic

  1. Steo

    Typically, one does not buy bottles marked simply “Medicine” unless it’s homeopathic.

  2. woesinger

    I had to click through to see if this was excellent parody or actually serious.

    My conclusion is that it contains homeopathic levels of parody.

  3. Kevnmur

    Surely medicine should have side-effects? There would be no point in taking it if it didn’t.

    Am I right?

    1. AndyT

      It’s more ‘effects’ medicine aims for. These can be ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.
      Side effects should at least be measurable or in the case of homeopathy, they could start by existing.

    2. Conor

      You need to find out what homeopathy actually is. It is water and nothing else. Excellent trolling if you actually know what a scam it is.

  4. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

    Growing up in a house where someone buys seven bottles of homepathic medicine? Poor thing.

  5. EW

    This is class. Almost every single one of her tweets can be answered with the phrase “Because it’s water!”

    “Do you think homeopathic medicine is addictive? NO, so there are no withdrawal symptoms. It’s proved, safe, effective, gentle & very cheap” Because it’s water.

    “Would you give SAME homeopathic remedy to the NEW BORN as u would to the ELDERLY? YES. Proved/safe/effective & cheap 2. What savings to NHS?” Because it’s water.

    “Homeopathic medicine is NON-ADDICTIVE. U can stop at any time. No withdrawal symptoms. Plz ask Dr 4 it. U can get it on NHS if Dr trained” Because it’s water.

    “Do you know that you can use homeopathic medicine along with your conventional medicine? Medicine proved, safe, effective, gentle & cheap” Because it’s water. In fact, I like to wash my real medicine down with some homeopathic medicine.

  6. Amadan

    Homeopathy (and Budweiser, come to think of it): proof that it is possible to dilute water!

  7. Whimsical Cogitations

    Funnily enough, side effects are quite common with placebos.
    In exactly the same way that if people believe they are taking something that will help, the belief alone leads to a measurable effect, so too does the belief that if it’s real medicine it will have side effects. It’s sometimes referred to as the no-cebo effect.

  8. fill3rup

    Jaysus,just had a look at her twitter a proper mentalist…
    Example of tweets:
    “@eileenmarshall4: Good turnout from Aware Defeat Depression Cookstown 4 talk on homeopathic med. All got free homeopathic medicine.Tks every1 4 enjoyable nite ”
    So there was a water cooler at the talk?

  9. Big_G

    Love how she went to hospital that provides evidence based western medicine because she was concerned about poisoning….from water. Clown-shoe.

  10. True Kilcockian

    I note with a mixture of amusement and contempt that the devotees of Allopathy concede that Homeopathic medicine is neither dangerous nor addictive.

    Two out of the three claims made in the tweet are accepted as true even by the Homeophobes.

    Therefore only the efficacy of Homeopathic medicine needs to be proved and this detailed study explains exactly how and why it works:


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