Scheiß Auf Die Diät


German Unilever food brand Du darfst has launched an ad with Ogilvy featuring a new slogan which probably sounds lovely in German.

German Unilever food product unveils new slogan with Ogilvy: Fuck the Diet (The Drum)

(Hat tip: Miranda Wrights)

7 thoughts on “Scheiß Auf Die Diät

    1. Binned

      it aint about the sound, it’s about the handy literal meanings. where else would you find a word like Weltraum (world room) that means space? genius for dummies.

  1. David

    Point to raise here: open sandwiches. They do the same here in Norway and it makes f_ck all sense. All the toppings fall off every time you take a bite.

    Utter and complete madness.

  2. Sorcha

    These Germans use swear words all over the place without any stupid *** or beeps or whatever PC gimmicks and yes, they do know how to translate fuck the diet – and the call toilets toilets and not bathroom. Oh my!

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