32 thoughts on “Ireland’s Most Boring Sandwich

    1. Simon

      +1 Perfectly good sandwiches ruined with mayonaise and/or lettuce. Plain cheese is the one I go for every time.
      What is Standard Wedge though?

      1. Rob

        That is the worst. The tomato affords you a short window of time with which to eat it. Leave it too long and it turns to sludge – sludge that will turn your bread to slime. Christ. The thoughts of it.

  1. Captain Obvious

    Could be worse, that bread looks like its got that fancy butter stuff on it, and apparently its soft bread too. fancy.

    1. patsy

      Crap phone/computer?

      We don’t really need a 2000x3000dpi image of a sandwich though, Broadsheet.

      Smaller images, faster page load.

      Carry on.

    2. Nukem Dukem

      happened to me yesterday for a few hours and then I was able to see the images….no probs today (so far).

  2. tatty

    Nowt wrong with it. Everything’s slathered in mayo or full of onion – why shouldn’t there be “boring” (ie. normal) sambos? Besides, add some Taytos and it’s fit for a king.

  3. MrsS

    Better that than soggy tomato and wilting iceberg lettuce in it – probably has horrible margarine stuff on the bread though – a good dollop of mustard could save it, as could Tayto (cheese and onion)!

  4. cipitar

    Oh for those happy days in the RTC in Cork, and we didn’t have cheddar neither, it was good old easi-singles cheese sambos, a-la crisps….little piece of heaven right there.
    Going off to make one right now !

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