48 thoughts on “Reclaim The Streets: The Movie

  1. Joe

    ooo dearie, so many stoned people. My god that lad in the aviators specs is talking some waffle, behind those aviators he’s really crying.

  2. Man

    White people with dreads.
    Dogs on string.
    Rich kids who will ultimately end up in suits.

    I’m all for public action but it must be ALL the public.

    1. pog

      What makes you think it was only rich kids? I was there. There were people of all ages, backgrounds, races and persuassions. Most of the people who seemed to be organisers certainly didn’t look young enough to be termed ‘kids’ and I know a few of them are working class dubs like myself . . . .prejudice and armchair antagonism in full swing here it seems

  3. Continuity Jay-Z

    Has anyone, ever seen a skateboarder actually complete a trick in Ireland?

    Rarer than the Corncrake.

    1. GK

      Nobel prize to you Mr Jay for articulation of something that we’ve always kind of known, but never actually known. I like your style fella

  4. Popeye

    Yeahhhh I’m sure they all ‘helped clean up’ afterwards. Getting out of the way of the council street sweepers doesn’t constitute cleaning up.

    1. Ickle_Flower

      They did clean up actually. Even split it all up for recycling, so a tad more progressive then the usual Saturday night in Temple Bar.

  5. Popeye

    ‘Usually in public space you’re not allowed to have fun like this.’ – I think this hipster dooode is confusing ‘not allowed’ with ‘wouldn’t want to’ and ‘fun’ with ‘not any fun at all’.

    1. McGrath's Domestos

      ‘Usually in public space you’re wouldn’t want to to have not any fun at all like this’?

  6. Reklamador

    What a bunch of killjoys. It would be equally depressing and eye-opening to hear about your perceptions of fun. Probably waking up in the morning and wondering how you can be online grammar nazis and put dampeneres on others’ days. Notice the smiles on people’s faces. Not a single f*ck was given that day.

    1. Popeye

      Indeed. There are only two ‘e’s in dampeners by the way. Ooh what do you know? That was fun – and without any ‘e’s at all. Ahem.

  7. Boba Fettucine

    Looks like Galway. And The Farm through a couple of tinny heads on stands does not a rave make.

  8. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    Broadsheet seems to draw in the people that give out about everything. in fariness are you all that moaney? id love to meet you in real life and give you a right good kick in the hole. Moaney begrduging sh1te bags.

    1. squidward

      Yeah, haders. The goys orr just creading a space of posidivity and creadivity.

  9. Termagant

    “Having fun the way we want to have fun and not the way we’re told to in a commercial world”

    Because no marketing campaign has ever in the history of man included people dancing to music. Society frowns on that.

    1. aint_crusty_r_posh

      well, its always going to be dangerous having one person representing everybody :D

      1. notAhippy

        I’d say the point being made was that there was no money-making involved.

    1. notAhippy

      1. Your use of the label hippy is inherently flawed. 2. Everyone there’s pretty glad you didn’t come either.

  10. Hunter

    It’s mad how derisive people can be about something they don’t know much about, beyond a 2 minute video and a few pics. It’s also somewhat preoccupying how quickly people on here jump to judge negatively, proscribe labels to events and people etc. It was a few hundred people having fun, dancing, chatting to their mates, hanging out. Teens, toddlers, older people. Nothing more, nothing less. But then again, if casting a bad light on people having fun makes trollers feel better, then RTS may have served more than 1 purpose.

  11. working class dub . .

    Id like to know what all these people giving out actually have a problem with?
    Sting around giving out…
    What have you done for others lately

  12. Himself

    Holy shit! The rays of light shine through. The comments section on Broadsheet is in fact the retirement home for all those trolls that thought pointing out the ironies of a protest kid wearing Nike was intellectually challenging back in the day. How’s things lads?

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