Have You Seen This Insect?


Duke Nukem writes:

Found one of these (actually there were 2) in my garden [Dublin] last night. I don’t think I’ve seen one before. Noisy buggers when flying with no concept of direction. After some research I found out what it was, it’s called a cockchafer and it’s about an inch in length. Just wondering how common they actually are?

21 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Insect?

    1. Rónán

      I ‘aint googling that shit. I’m still scarred by an episode of eurotrash with a leather-clad German lady and a cheese grater.

  1. joe

    Common enough. They’re also called the maybug because they come out in May, having been hatched/born under the ground.

  2. atswim

    The wikipedia page is funny. Apparently as a child Nickola Tesla “made one of his first ‘inventions’ — an ‘engine’ made by harnessing four cockchafers” with thread.

  3. Joxer

    I’ve never seen prior to that picture…. but then i live in the Shitty so not surprising…..

  4. Intact

    One flew into my pint in a beer garden in Cork last summer. Pretty dopey yokes. They also have fairly impressive grubs, which eat potatoes in the ground. A not very welcome pest in my fathers vegetable garden.

  5. Odradek

    They regularly come down our chimney on summer evenings and fly noisily round the room bumping into things.
    Very noisy, scary looking things, but harmless.

  6. Duke Nukem

    The outside light was driving them crazy, and they kept slamming into the kitchen window with such ferocity. I reckon with armour that strong they must be the MIA2 of the insect world. I reckon these feckers would take a direct hit of a 10 megaton bomb and still survive. I had to take evasive action several times while trying to photograph it.

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  8. Iwerzon

    Scary enough yokes. I googled Prison Love recently to find their next gig and got fired from work.

  9. Darragh Hughes

    Seen one of these today while in Construction class. scared the living shite out of me

  10. June

    One of those flew into the bedroom tonight. placid creature it seemed. we caught him/her and put it back outside. got some good pics too. would give you the heeebie jeeebies looking and listening to it though.

  11. Liz Parsons

    I found one in my garden in Ballinrobe, Co Mayo, over the weekend. One of my cats was playing with it do I rescued it. I thought it was cute ! One of my friends, who also lives in Ballinrobe, also found one outside her front door. I hope eggs haven’t been laid anywhere near my door ! They are huge as insects around here go. ! I googled them too. Had a good chuckle at the name. Attempts were made to eradicate them years ago because they cause a lot of damage to crops, but they seem to be coming back across Europe. They could cause a lot of damage around here if we had an infestation ! Let’s hope not !!

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