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  1. Hugo

    Ah feck, I dunno how this makes me feel. Angry about the clinic but so sad for the parents and the kid. They’ll want to believe to the bitter end and will probably see this as contributing to their daughters illness, however misguided that is!! Feck

  2. Paul Q

    Just google “Burzynski Clinic”. I don’t understand how a quality IT journalist can write that the clinic provides “advanced alternative cancer treatments” without any caveat or context.

    1. jean

      I agree, very very poor show by the IT. The phrase ‘alternative cancer treatment’ should have set alarm bells ringing straight away.

  3. Domestos

    This should be forwarded to anyone who thinks, ah sure what’s the harm with homeopathy?

  4. Just sayin'

    There was a case a few years ago of a TV3 morning show and the Sunday Indo magazine promoting a new York-based plastic surgeon through soft interviews. They omitted to mention that he had a surprising amount of malpractice lawsuits against him. An Irish woman saw one or other of these pieces and went to the States for plastic surgery and died in his operating theatre. It was appallng journalism.

  5. David

    I remmber seeing this lad featured on bbc news about this last year too. Fair play to him – him and his parent had been getting all sorts of threats from the clinic

    1. Zigfield Benzene

      All burzynski has is anecdote. No science. TONS of red flags. He’s a crook. Looks like the FDA are forcing him into Phase 3 trials to show him up. He is the devil.

    2. Alan

      Really, an ebaumsworld.com link!?
      Not even going to click that site, it just steals and re-brands other’s content – where’s the peer review for this medical matter?

    3. well

      ” He may be on quacklist, and be discredited by the FDA etc”

      and you may be an idiot.

  6. Dee

    I saw a documentary about Great Ormond Street and the parents of a child who decided to go to the Burzynski clinic for treatment.


    Go to 45 minutes, to see some of Shiani’s story.

    It was so awful to watch the show when Shiani returned from the Burzynski clinic at 53 minutes.

    Thanks Broadsheet for highlighting this.

      1. well

        edit: got 53 minutes for ffs thats bad, i was expecting the treatments to simply be useless like homeopathy, it looks like they actually made it far worse!

  7. Mac Bird

    Unfortunately (but understandably) a lot of parents of very sick children feel that they “would never forgive themselves” if they didn’t explore all options for their children. They forget to think about their child’s actual quality of life which surely is the most important aspect and not whether they can forgive “themselves”. The “Great Ormond Street” program which was recently aired on BBC2 showed an instance of toddler with a tumour that was inoperable but the parents heard about this Burzynski clinic that said they could help her and, against the wishes of her medical team at Gt Ormond street, they raised a huge sum of money and took her over there and whatever treatment they gave her, it made her a lot worse and her quality of life was deteoriated far rapidly. I would be vary wary of any treatment that can cure a terminal cancer.

    1. Alan

      As a parent, I hope to never hear ”Your child is going to die” and there is nothing you can do about it, except make them comfortable before they go.

  8. mike

    LIVELINE should get a good 30 mins out of that story!

    I presume that its low season and with no Dail ructions about the Euro and politicians not paying debts, the IT have room to print any old press release they are sent, not bothering about fact-checking or spell-checking.

    1. Carol

      It doesn’t appear on a search of the I.T. website because she can’t even spell Burzynski – it is written as Buzynski in that wonderfully balanced, well researched piece of journalism.

  9. _Anon_

    I have some friends who are involved in fundraising activities for another candidate for treatment in the Burzynski clinic. A young man, a boy, handsome, GAA player, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, barely 20 years of age. Obviously, his family and friends are jumping on anything that offers even the slightest hope of helping the poor young man.

    I’m literally seething with rage when I think of the depth of goodwill that this fraudulent, charlatan bastard is abusing through his quackery this is aside from his hoodwinking of desperate, vulnerable people, who will clutch at any straw to help their loved ones.

    It breaks my heart when I see people I know, kind, decent people, the best in the world, organising fundraisers, the monies raised from which will be entering Burzynski’s coffers. They sincerely believe that they are doing the right thing, whereas they are actaully helping to propogate this man’s peddling of false hopes.

    Fuck you Burzynski, you vile snake-oil salesman bastard, and everyone like you.

    1. Nokia3310

      Yeah I’m pretty sure I went to school with that guy. The whole year rallied around to fundraise a gigantic amount of money, and all the while I was thinking that the emperor was wearing no clothes and this is clearly a fraud. The only reason I kept my mouth shut was because it was so patently fraudulent that the family must in some way know and either be in denial or just desperate and maybe working to raise funds is better than doing nothing. Either way that man is the devil and taking money from the desperate families of sick people is nothing short of evil.

  10. Daithi

    Has anyone tried to contact the mother from Limerick and let her know that this clinic is a scam and that she is about to drop 30k on some scumbags with an website and an office.

    1. Tom Red

      Would she want to hear it?

      I’ve nothing but sympathy and good wishes for these people who do things, which to other people look irrational or ill judged, because they will do anything to save a family member.

      The people offering these procedures (for want of a better word) are the lowest of the low. Offering false hope to people while setting them up for a further blow, both financially and emotionally.
      When you think of that time or money the ill person and family could have spent with each other in the time they had left but instead gave it over to unconscionable scum.

      Best way to describe them is as parasites.

    1. Alan

      Good – took 2 days to be removed and I hope some of it was to the exposure here.

      For future Google searches:
      Burzynski Cancer Ireland Bad Science
      Scam False Hope Irish Times

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