What Was Not To Like?


Mína Bean Uí Chribín has died.

We will refrain from singing “Ding dong”.

But boy, was she Mena.

Background: Mena Cribben Of Santry (ComeHereToMe)

From the archives:

THE right-wing Catholic organisation led by Mena Bean Ui Chribin is suspected of funding a legal action to stop the State from taking six neglected children into care.

Four years later, when gardai began investigating claims of incest and cruelty at the “house of horrors” in Roscommon, Bean Ui Chribin was on the phone within a week to talk to the investigating officer about the case.

However, the hard-line Catholic campaigner against all things liberal was given short shrift by the officer in charge, Gda Sgt John Hynes. “He told her that he had nothing to say, that this was a criminal investigation, do not interfere,” said a source close to the investigation.

The repugnant crimes endured by the children at their family home in a Roscommon village were revealed last week when their mother was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment on charges of incest, sexual assault and neglect. Roscommon Circuit Court heard how the children lived in a squalid, freezing home, overrun with mice and rats.

They were rarely fed or washed, and were bullied at school because they were smelly and infested with lice and fleas. One child described how lice crawled down her face. When drunk, their mother forced one of her sons to have sex with her.

The role of Bean Ui Chribin, now a post-mistress in Santry, Dublin, would have been a bit part in an appalling tragedy but for the fact that by helping their mother take court action to keep her children eight years ago, the children were condemned to another four years of cruelty, inflicted on them under the noses of health workers who politely sipped tea in their front room.

Ultra-Catholics Under Fire Over Horror House (Maeve Sheehan, Sunday Independent, January 25, 2009)


50 thoughts on “What Was Not To Like?

      1. Miles

        I imagine you knew her brand of ignorant cruelty very well from Youth Defence. You’ll miss that no doubt.

        1. abaddon

          You tit. I couldn’t give 2 f*cks about youth defence or any other cults you obsess about. I’m telling you that how She is being portrayed is nothing like the person she was.

          1. Miles

            You certainly use terms befitting those in Youth Defence. I am sure she was perfectly nice when buying stamps but surely her legacy of talking delight in the peddling of hatred, personal invective and fear should at least inform you that what lurked in this individual was something beyond that which one would find in a normal and socially functional human being.

          2. abaddon

            I use terms that befit the poster I address miles. And after reading what you’ve posted here I doubt very much I’m the first person to call you a tit.

            You assume that because I am shocked and utterly disagree with the tripe posted here about Mína I must be a member of YD? The manner and how quickly you disregard an opinion that difers from yours give us a peek at how you think.

            Knee jerk much?

          3. enn

            Uh…what part of the above description of Mena Cribben is not accurate, exactly?

            Did she or did she not help the so-called ‘house of horrors’ mother to keep her children?

            Did she ever express regret or apologize for her lack of judgment / dog ignorance?


            Ding, dong.

          4. Trih

            What was she like? Thankfully I never had that “pleasure” but from reading details of meeeting she and her followers disrupted by shouting and roaring she was a nasty pieceof work. I actually think she was a very unhappy woman married to another nasty piece of work. He was probably the leader and she his submissive servant. Their house was in bits too.

      1. Leela2011

        and not surprised by the YD link. ‘sure who cares what goes on in a family once the parents are married! once the unborn are protected, we don’t care what happens during their lives’. devil woman..

      2. well

        I do not believe she is related to those YD wagons by blood, they happen to share a lot of political viewpoints and double barreled Irish names so it can understand the confusion.

  1. Jack Ascinine

    Couldn’t have kicked it soon enough. Nastly little person working for nasty little organisations. She looks like a dour sewer rat and behaved like one too.

      1. Sycopat

        I find your choice of name amusingly ironic.

        Revelation 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon

        I wonder if that tells us anything about the stance you are taking?

  2. Prada Meinhof

    A nasty and dangerous individual. She is, however, dead, so let’s not behave like people of her ilk until a decent period of time has passed (5-4-3…).

    We might then reflect on the damage she did, but more importantly the ecosystem which supported her activities. Including an award given to her by a Lord Mayor of Dublin.

    That’s some hipster cardigan she’s wearing though.

  3. VictorRomeo

    Not that I believe that it exists – I don’t – but if there is was a Hell, she’d be burning there today…

    Make me wish there was a Hell…..

  4. John

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever gone from ‘Who’ to ‘Something should be done’ to ‘Oh. Ok’ so quickly before.

    Cheers Broadsheet. You should start a list of hitherto-unknown, already-solved problems.

  5. Miles

    Creepy David Quinn and the Iona Institute are in mourning. Youth Attack are bereft at the loss of this creature responsible for their modus operandi; Youth Offence hallmark brand of ignorant cruelty. Senator Ronan Mullen, Opus Gei facilitator among other things, writes to superiors in the Vatican in the hope of starting the beatification process…

  6. cluster

    Calling people like her Ultra-Catholic gives them a credence that they don’t deserve, rather than nasty nutjobs they are presented as steadfast believers.

    Whatever you think about Catholic teaching, the Catholic faith I was brought up with (and since abandoned) would never have condoned this sort of destructive bullsh*t.

    The same couild be argued for the industrial schools and Magdalen laundries and pretty much every other scandal which has decimated our view of the church. Luther was on to something.

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    On the subject of single mothers; “call them by their proper term”, says she, “Mistresses!”

    The sad part is that many still share her conservative catholic views – in neat form or watered down.

    1. abaddon

      One religious fanatic attacking another religious fanatic.

      What imaginary place are you posting that shite from?

  8. abaddon

    The comments on this post are disgraceful. Not one of the 25 tossers above even knew this woman and feel they can write what they like about her. I knew Mína very well. She taught both of my sisters and both of them did very well in their exams.

    I don’t know anyone, that knew Mína, that didn’t at some point have an issue with her about something religious but the one thing i can absolutely say about Mína is that she never, ever turned anyone away that came to her for help.

    She doesn’t deserve the comments posted above.

    Broadsheet – you disgust me.

    1. Miles

      She turned away her own daughter Aine whom she sent while a teenager to the garish Catholic Palmarian cult in Spain where she languished for a total of 17 years before managing to escape. TG4 made a documentary about this grotesque event. There was nothing redeeming in this hideous creature operating under the title of Mena Bean Ui Chribin.

      1. abaddon

        You’re wrong to call her a ‘hideous creature’. I’m sure She and Gus made many mistakes as a parents but they came from a generation that considered the guidence of their religion as the only way to live their life however misguided we may consider this.

        I can’t say I ever saw eye to eye with her on most things but I can say that I saw her help many, many people over the years.

        The commentary posted here on her is utterly wrong. There was far more to this woman than what you’ve read or watched on TV.

        1. Miles

          As a poster above has opined, calling this creature ultra-Catholic is even insulting to those people, perhaps of a more robust brand of the Roman faith. This woman was utterly deranged with a crazy obsession with sexual mores going far beyond religious fervour and peddling the excuse that she came from a different generation does not excuse the hideous treatment inflicted on some of her children, particularly Aine. This was no mistake but a cold and calculated decision. Have you not heard of her interference in the Roscommon abuse case? She was not a woman of her age, simply a demented bigot dripping bile, hatred and lunacy bent on ruining and interfering in the lives of others under the supposed guise of religious zealotry.

        2. the-bag

          That’s a very quick backpedal there abaddon. You are judged by the consequence of your actions and what this horrible, bitter and rotten woman did speaks for itself. The sooner her breed die out the better. By the way, my grandparents were from the same generation and never peddled that kind of hate filled nonsense so your argument is utter bollox.

          1. Insolvent

            To paraphrase Carl Lee Hailey in A Time To Kill:

            “Yes she deserved to die and I hope she burns in Hell”

            Now, if only I believed in Hell …

    2. Hm?

      Wait! Your sisters very well in their exams? Oh shit! That puts all that “Roscommon abuse case” & “send your daughter off to a cult” shite into perspective then! Broadsheet, you sicken me

    3. Trih

      Did she beat your sisters if they didn’t give the correct answer? She and her husband took part in a programme about an after school homework club they ran. It showed Mina and her husband Gus beating girls who came the wrong answer. They openly admitted it and were geat supporters of corporal punishment. I assurme your parents agreed with this view as you obvioulsy do?

  9. doesnt matter

    Im Mines grand daughter. And proud to be. I am not particularly religious not that it matters but maybe that will change the instant opinion you have of me and the family I cherish. I would like to ask to see any proof whatsoever you have of any of this. It doesnt matter to me. I know whats true and what isnt. For example she has no daughter called niamh, to memtion the tiniest of it. I dont care what anyone thinks of her, mainly because she wouldn’t and the lack of respect you all seem to have for the death of a living person means I have gathered such a rotten opinion of you all anyway. But you have deeply upset my close family at a time that is unbearable enough. And I just think you should told of the guilt you have on your shoulders insulting a woman most of you never met and I plid many others can vouch that she wad the most incredible soul that changed my life and many others for a much fuller one, even if she didnt agree with some of our lifestyle choices. I have not wished death, nevermind a cursed and painful one on any of you. Please get a heart, and refraim frm doing so about my granny.

  10. :)

    From what I’ve read about this “person” she was very sick and evil. Ireland is a better place with her gone so she can’t inflict her hurtful and damaging crap on a new generation. She has gone somewhere VERY VERY HOT to meet her maker! Everyone is entitled to a private view regarding religion but it should be illegal to promote such dangerous and evil vitriol such as this old hag’s. The sooner the separation of church and state the better. Good riddance to this old fashioned catholic rubbish. She was an IRA supporter, her son was charged with a serious crime and she slandered many people during her odious existence. R(ot)IP

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